IT network and server enclosures

  • TS IT
    TS IT

    The new IT platform based on TS 8 for all applications. Intelligent enclosure and accessory system with reduced complexity and assembly-friendly plug & play technology. Load capacity up to 1,500 kg.


  • Cable management enclosure for TS IT
    Cable management enclosure for TS IT

    For laying, securing and storing cables or as an empty enclosure with uneven LCP installations.


  • TE 8000
    TE 8000

    The new TE 8000, based on its successful predecessor model TE 7000, consistently updated and optimised in various details. The frameless TE 8000, with optimum access to the installation level, is the basic enclosure for the most common installation requirements.


  • Distributor racks
    Distributor racks

    Distributor racks for optimum accessibility from all sides during assembly and installation in addition to unrestricted airflow, due to the open design.


  • TE 7000
    TE 7000

    The entry-level model. The 482.6 mm (19") frame rack may be dismantled easily for optimum accessibility and delivery.


  • DK-TS

    Network and server enclosures based on TS 8. Load capacity depending on the design up to 1000 kg.


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