Credit Recovery Provider

Rittal delivers a solution at speed and on budget for leading credit recovery provider.

Our customer is a leading Australian credit recovery provider that services a range of industries, organisations and government departments. Founded in 2003, the company tailors a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to meet the unique needs of each sector.

“Rittal’s integrated solution fulfilled our requirements and avoided costly building upgrades.”
IT Systems Administrator

After scaling up considerably, the company recently relocated to larger premises to support its growth and expanded workforce. However, upon relocation, their team came up against unanticipated issues with the facility’s existing server room. The area wasn’t up to standard because it couldn’t be secured from unauthorised access, falling short of rigorous data security requirements.

Unfortunately, an upgrade to a traditional server room wasn’t a viable option. A fire suppression system and access sensors, plus other updates to meet codes would exceed $200,000. Budget constraints simply wouldn’t allow it.

With the exact solution being unclear at the outset, the company sourced external expertise. Initially, the IT Systems Administrator asked Rittal Certified Partner, Natural Power Solutions (NPS) to create a solution that:

  • Maintained equipment security and protection
  • Offered easy system accessibility
  • Met the criteria within a strict budget and timeframe

NPS engaged Rittal as a solutions provider to conduct a detailed audit of the building environment and custom a solution that addressed customer needs.

Rittal quickly identified the company had ample space to install several different options; it was simply a matter of choosing the best fit. The key challenge was limited accessibility to the plant room and external areas of the building, rendering access to an external condenser (to reject heat) difficult and expensive.

Rittal’s Micro Edge Data Centre flexibly solved the issues head-on with a built-in condenser contained within the Blue e+ cooling unit for climate control. The solution also comprised IP 55 racks, 1U fire detection and suppression systems (DETAC), access control, as well as alarm and monitoring systems.

The products and Rittal’s expertise provided a safe and secure all-in-one solution encompassing racks, power, cooling, security and monitoring.

Delivering the solution involved a tight time frame — the company needed installation completed within just 2–3 weeks of order placement. Rittal and NPS were able to meet this deadline with ease. Delivery and installation of the racks were complete in one day, followed by commissioned installation of the air conditioning units shortly thereafter.

Thanks to the Rittal and NPS expertise, the company was delighted by the quick identification and deployment of the solution on time and budget.