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Gameloft avoids relocation pain with Rittal Edge DC Solution

Gameloft®, a leading global publisher of digital and social games has established itself as one of the top innovators in its field since 2000. Gameloft  develops for all digital platforms, including smartphones, set-top boxes and connected TVs. Gameloft is present on all continents and distributes its games in over 100 countries.

As the company prepared to move to new premises, their search began for an IT  rack with integrated cooling. With a conservative budget, IT engineer Morgan Robertson  researched  his options, discovered the ‘DC In A Box’ concept and started reaching out to vendors.  Criteria included in-rack cooling, small footprint to save office space, generous amount of user accessible rack space available and as quiet as possible as it was to be located in an open office area.

We were able to move to the new location as per our planned time-frame.
Morgan Robertson, IT engineer at Gameloft


Rittal’s ability to deliver an efficient, cost effective turnkey solution in the limited time frame were key factors in the award of the project, along with a proven pedigree and local support infrastructure.

The offer from Rittal included cooling, complete with voltage free contacts interface for remote monitoring via UPS SNMP and Environmental Monitoring Probe… all integrated together inside a rack with  minimal footprint and hence increased cost savings. A complete solution ensuring peace of mind from point of purchase, through installation and on-going maintenance

Blue e+, the revolutionary  cooling unit that offers energy efficiency with innovative hybrid technology was the obvious choice for the Gameloft project – Electronically Control Fans provide a quiet solution the customer required and with the ability to upgrade to a higher cooling output in the future,  the blue e+ has already proven itself a winner when the office air conditioning in the building failed, keeping a constant temperature inside the enclosure.

Opting for the 600 wide TS-IT rack offered the greatest amount of internal useable volume, leaving room for the equipment and cable management Gameloft required.  The IP-54 rack ensures protection against ingress of dust and water therefore, no separate room is required for the Edge DC solution, conserving valuable floor space.

The pre-designed and integrated package was ready to be assembled at the customer’s premises with rapid deployment.   “We were able to move to the new location as per our planned time-frame.”  Morgan Robertson, IT engineer at Gameloft commented. “The Modular solution helped in easy relocation  to site with less downtime”.