Blue e+ S cooling units

Maximum energy efficiency for your enclosure cooling

The world's most efficient cooling unit solution from Rittal can help to reduce the carbon footprint of your machines and systems. Our Blue e+ product family offers solutions for all applications and requirements.

How do Blue e+ S cooling units permanently reduce your carbon emissions?

  • Because Blue e+ is the world’s most efficient cooling unit thanks to average energy savings of 75%.
  • New: the Blue e+ S cooling unit in the output category 750 W now completes the product family (300 - 1000 W) and combines all the benefits of innovative technology and its new refrigerant reduces the Global Warming Potential rating by 56%.
  • Blue e+ units guarantee a longer service life for installed components, global usability and Industry 4.0 capabilities.
  • Find out more about Blue e+ technology here.

Discover the innovative solutions available with Blue e+ S technology.

Be inspired by the new “Blue e+ S” cooling units in lower output categories 300 – 1000 W, featuring a brand-new design, extended smart functions and even faster processes, thanks to the smart service concept.

Become more sustainable with Rittal.

Sustainability is crucial – Blue e+ S cooling units help protect the environment while saving you money.

  • High energy efficiency: Hybrid technology guarantees average energy savings of 75%
  • Sustainable use of resources: Speed-controlled components ensure optimum, targeted cooling which helps to extend the service life of the enclosure components
  • More environmentally-friendly: Refrigerant R-513A has a 56% lower GWP rating

Become faster with Rittal:

Time is a critical variable for every company – Blue e+ S cooling units can save time with engineering, planning, ordering and handling.

Greater flexibility at every level:

  • More flexible engineering, because all data is available in the Eplan Data Portal.
  • More flexible planning and ordering, by configuring the enclosure and cooling in RiPanel.
  • More flexible handling, because the serial number is printed on the packaging, so it is no longer necessary to unpack the product to find the serial number.
  • More flexible calculation of the required climate control with the Therm software package.
  • More flexible with global usability and unique multi-voltage capabilities and country-specific approvals (cUL Listed, cULus FTTA, CE & EAC).

Design fail-safe processes with Rittal:

At every stage in the value chain, reliability is key. Blue e+ S cooling units offer maximum reliability, reduced maintenance and rapid usability.

  • More reliability: Integrated condensate evaporation as standard with cooling units of 300 W or above
  • Enhanced fail-safeness: Avoid machine downtime with immediate identification of the device status via LED optical fibres, even from a distance (yellow = non-critical error; red = serious error).
  • Greater protection from external influences: A foamed-in seal guarantees the high protection category of IP 55.
  • More planning confidence: Reliable availability and short delivery times for products and spares worldwide (standard products ex works).
  • Enhanced reliability: Safe to use within the temperature range from -20 to +60 °C.

Reduce your workload with Rittal.

Focus on what's truly important – Planning, operation and assembly are easier with Blue e+ S cooling units.

  • Easy to operate : Intuitive operation via smart interfaces (NFC for app, USB connection for software updates and services, display)
  • Easy to maintain: Reduce maintenance work with easy access for servicing and straightforward replacement of components.
  • Easy to plan: Streamlined planning thanks to uniform square mounting cut-outs for all installation types (external mounting or full internal mounting)
  • Easy to design: Optimum parameterisation and selection with useful tools such our Therm software, Scan & Service app and Quick Finder
  • Easy to assemble: Optimised handling and time-saving assembly with our handy tools

Rittal helps you create value with digital solutions

Add value by thinking holistically – Blue e+ S cooling units help your processes to run even more smoothly with smart apps & services.

1. Smart Service

Automated, real-time checking of Blue e+ cooling units guarantees fast and efficient troubleshooting:

  • Increase machine availability:
  • Boost service efficiency and reduce servicing costs with demand-driven maintenance.
  • Rapid problem analysis and troubleshooting with remote diagnosis.

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2. Scan & Service app

Connect your smartphone to the cooling unit via NFC to transmit device data and parameters, or scan the QR code to see all relevant product information at a glance:

  • Fast parameterisation and commissioning of your cooling units
  • Time-efficient working with Fast-Copy (copy settings 1:1 to other cooling units)
  • Prepare and send service messages
  • Generate and send wish lists of accessories and spares
  • See all product information at a glance
  • Manage scanned products

Here to help.

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