Soluções modulares para data centers

  • RiMatrix S
    RiMatrix S

    RiMatrix S - a opção revolucionária para estruturar centros personalizados de processamento de dados. Nesta seção você encontra módulos de data center pré-configurados, completos e padronizados.


  • RiMatrix Data Centre Container RDC
    RiMatrix Data Centre Container RDC

    Modular container-housed data centres offer the ideal scalable solution. Whether customised for SME, cloud or edge applications or preconfigured data centre containers, our modular container system always offers you the perfect solution for your needs.


  • Edge Data Center
    Edge Data Center

    Big data is the key driving force in numerous areas of industry, trade and business. Efficient and fast processing of data is of utmost importance. Using the Edge Data Center, you can build an IT environment quickly and easily that ensures short latency times combined with maximum computing power and security.


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