Rittal and 3 Phase Power Systems partner to offer Western Canada enhanced Power Distribution Solutions!

2018-06-06. Vancouver, BC. Rittal Systems Ltd. is delighted to announce our latest Rittal Power Distribution Certified Systems Integrator, 3 Phase Power Systems, Western Canada’s industrial power conversion experts.

Rittal’s Certified System Integrators demonstrate exceptional knowledge and experience in specifying and configuring Rittal enclosure, climate control and power distribution systems.

With five offices across Western Canada, 3 Phase Power Systems is one of Canada’s most respected suppliers of VFDs, motor controls and industrial power conversion technology. Their solutions are designed to excel in some of the harshest environments on the planet, and they stand firmly behind every system they build.

Tim Rourke, President, Rittal Systems Ltd., said, “The Western Canadian market can really benefit from the joint Power Distribution expertise of Rittal and 3 Phase Power Systems, to create and deliver customized solutions for customers.”

3 Phase Power Systems has enabled clients from diverse industries achieve their power system needs – such as mining, forestry, transportation, wastewater management, oil & gas or other sectors.

Doug Kobylanski and Kam Ghuman of 3 Phase Power Systems added, “We have always worked with clients to solve their unique power and control system challenges. Our partnership with Rittal will enable us to enhance our service, and empower our customers to get the most out of their industrial power systems and performance.”

The joint expertise of Rittal and 3 Phase Power Systems will enhance the capability of project partners to have the right infrastructure in place within stringent timelines, through the access to innovative solutions and methods for power systems and wiring.

By working with Rittal and EPLAN , the 3 Phase Power project team are able to meet the required footprint and include the proposed panels, in a 3D drawing, as a visual. This level of detail will help assure the low environmental risk of the project, as well as the competency of the company.

One such example was the MetroVan Annacis Wastewater plant deployment : To fit the power distribution product into the space of the enclosure, Rittal’s busbar system was used instead of traditional cabling. Paired with 3 Phase Power’s Danfoss-VACON VFDs for load sharing, the ampacities of the busbar provided the necessary power, along with the brackets and busbar support which bolted into the enclosures. As a result, the equipment not only fit into a much smaller space, but also provided the essential and documented CSA approvals.

Rittal’s Certified System Integrator (RCSI) program takes the technical value stream to the next level of sophistication, by working with valued partners such as 3 Phase Power Systems, to offer highest levels of service and market-leading solutions.