Small housings

  • KX small housing
    KX small housing

    System perfection. The new small enclosure KX, carbon steel provides maximum data quality and consistency in engineering as well as flexibility and security for a wide range of applications.


  • PK Polycarbonate Housings
    PK Polycarbonate Housings

    Wall-mounted enclosure made from fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate with either gray or transparent cover. Protection category IP 66. Quick maintenance due to lid with quick-release fastener. Self-extinguishing material for safety.


  • Cast aluminum housing GA
    Cast aluminum housing GA

    Sturdy wall-mounted housing made from cast aluminum, spray-finished. Protection category IP 66. Ideal for use in harsh environments due to optimal corrosion protection. Simple interior installation.


  • KL Terminal Boxes
    KL Terminal Boxes

    Wall-mounted housing with lid made from carbon steel, available with gland plate (protection category IP 55), and without gland plate (protection category IP 66). Easy wall-mounting due to rear panel with holes. Maximum flexibility for cable entry. Safe PE conductor connection from housing to lid.


  • Junction boxes JB Carbon steel
    Junction boxes JB Carbon steel

    The JB enclosure offers protection for dense wiring and sensitive small instruments. These hinged cover junction boxes combine the advantages of the AE and KL series at an economical cost. Features include 180 degree hinge and slotted insert quarter turn latch. Foamed-in-place gasket and a knife-edge perimeter add extra protection.


  • Pushbutton boxes PB
    Pushbutton boxes PB

    The NEMA rated PB series pushbutton box enclosure is designed for indoor use to house pushbuttons, selector switches, and pilot lights. This enclosure protects equipment from dirt, dust, sprayed water, oil, and coolants.


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