19" Installation System

  • Pivoting Frame
    Pivoting Frame

    The rear of the 19” installations can be reached easily with a pivoting frame. Depending on the model, an opening angle of 130° or 180° is available.


  • Profile Rails
    Profile Rails

    Horizontal rails and mounting frames for interior fitting with one or two 19" levels for wall enclosures, single enclosures and bayed enclosures.


  • Installation Kits for Profile Rails
    Installation Kits for Profile Rails

    Depending on the type and width of enclosure, the appropriate mounting kit must be selected for the profile rails and mounting frames.


  • Accessories for Rittal Data Rack
    Accessories for Rittal Data Rack

    The open fame Data Rack can be extended with a second 19” mounting rail, support brackets, slide rails and baying connectors. Castors for mobile use as a laboratory frame or for measurement equipment.


  • Slide Rails
    Slide Rails

    Slide rails provide a storage space for components to be hung in the 19” rail and can take the weight of heavy installations. Heavy-duty guide rails can be fitted with static loads of 800 N.


  • 19˝ Fittings
    19˝ Fittings

    Drawers in the 19” rails, panelling, storage facilities for non-imperial devices and mounting options on the 19” profile rail with cage nuts or the innovative 19” fastener


  • Blanking Panels and Front Panels
    Blanking Panels and Front Panels

    Blanking panels to cover any height units that are not required. Available in various heights, in the materials aluminium, sheet steel and plastic For screw-fastening, or tool-free fixing variants for quick assembly.


  • Splicing Boxes
    Splicing Boxes

    Splicing of incoming fiber-optic cables and distribution to patch panels for various couplings. Pre-assembled pigtail cables are routed to the patch panels with the breakout box.


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