Enclosure Systems

  • TS 8 Baying Systems, Carbon Steel
    TS 8 Baying Systems, Carbon Steel

    TS 8 baying system - a system platform for just about any application. When used in conjunction with the system accessories, each enclosure is a specialist for the most exceptional tasks. The symmetrical frame profile of the TS 8 saves a significant amount of space and facilitates easy internal installation. It also allows a baying arrangement on all sides.


  • SE 8 System Enclosures
    SE 8 System Enclosures

    Single enclosure made from sheet steel with sturdy enclosure body, two integrated mounting levels, screw-fastened rear panel and door. Roof and sides from a single piece with roll-formed frame. Interior equipment fully compatible with the TS 8, enabling full integration into the TS 8 product line.


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