Outdoor Housings

  • CS Wall-Mounted Housings
    CS Wall-Mounted Housings

    Outdoor housings for wall or pole mounting. Enclosure-within-an-enclosure concept, outer enclosure with cut-out at the bottom and integrated louvers on the rear and side panels for ventilation.


  • CS New Basic Housings
    CS New Basic Housings

    Single-walled housing systems, one-door and two-door. Ready for use for all applications with passive interior equipment or low power dissipation in outdoor areas. Roof concept with all-round louvred grilles


  • CS Toptec Project solution
    CS Toptec Project solution

    This product is used in infrastructure and telecommunications projects. Please contact your respective sales partner for more information


  • Multifunction housing
    Multifunction housing

    Multifunction housing - the platform for the outdoor siting of telecommunication solutions


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