对于生产塑料包装的机器而言,停电可能会带来巨大的损失。Windmöller & Hölscher 公司的 Tiratex 包装设备就是典型的例子。没有供电,驱动器就会停止,加热元件就会失灵。因此,机器部件就会粘在一起,在重新开始生产之前,必须耗费高昂的成本进行清洁。最终导致数小时的生产暂停,以及巨大的损失。在这种情况下,不间断电源 (UPS) 能够避免出现上述情形。作为控制柜技术系统供应商,威图为 UPS 专家 Wöhrle Stromversorgungssysteme 和工业储能系统解决方案供应商 Commeo 提供了基础,使这两家企业为该机器制造商开发出了工业 UPS。该工业 UPS 是带有模块化锂离子蓄电池的在线不间断电源系统,可确保不间断运行。

Works everywhere: The energy storage solutions from Rittal and Commeo can be used across a wide range of industries and applications. Their modularity ensures an uninterruptible power supply for mission-critical applications in, for example, the IT industry or in high-tech manufacturing processes. Power grid fluctuations can be compensated for by means of their battery buffer and by shifting energy storage and supply over time. Due to their high energy and power density, energy storage systems are also suitable for charging infrastructures in e-mobility or transport applications that use mobile robots or automated guided vehicles (AGVs). By using climate control solutions from Rittal, the energy storage units can also be used outdoors without any problems. Stainless steel housings also make other applications possible, e.g. in food production and processing. 

Application examples:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): The energy storage system from Rittal and Commeo provides the necessary energy in the event of a power failure, thereby creating economic security for companies.
  • Peak shaving: A battery storage system designed to precisely meet individual requirements compensates for voltage peaks and can pay for itself in a short time thanks to the resulting lower energy supply costs.
  • Charging infrastructure: If an extended grid connection is not possible or economical for electricity charging stations, a battery system offers a viable alternative to increase charging capacity and optimise the energy infrastructure.

Versatility guaranteed: With solutions from Rittal and Commeo, energy storage really gets into gear. The modular, flexible construction system enables simple installation of any energy storage unit in Rittal’s industrial or IT racks. Even large storage challenges are no problem, as several racks right up to containers can be linked and connected together to form a high-performance solution. The result: tailor-made outcomes.

VX25: The platform – from enclosures to cooling
Full industrial compatibility and suitability are the main reasons why the VX25 enclosure system was always going to be used as the basis for Commeo’s energy storage systems. However, there are even more benefits. With a load capacity of 1,500 N, even heavy components can be installed into the frame without any problems. As the frame section has a 25 mm pitch pattern both vertically and horizontally, enclosure expansions are extremely flexible, even beyond the enclosure’s limits. Given the range of enclosure sizes and the option of baying, the enclosures can be scaled up as needed. The protection category is IP 55 as standard, which is ideal if, for example, the energy storage systems are to be installed in harsh environmental conditions. If climate control of the energy storage unit is required, Rittal offers solutions perfectly designed for the specific enclosure system. The use of the compact and test-approved RiLine power distribution system and an IoT connection ensures ideal system monitoring can be put in place for the battery infrastructure.

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Rittal and Commeo: Energy storage for online UPS

As well as charging infrastructures for e-mobility, joint solutions are also available for the emergency power supply of critical production facilities. One such example is the use of energy storage as an uninterruptible power supply in the plastics processing machinery of Windmöller & Hölscher.

Power cuts are a pain and costly, particularly when they bring machines and production to a standstill and can only be recommissioned after complex re-start programmes and costly cleaning processes. An emergency power solution can prevent such horror scenarios. Commeo and Rittal have worked together in an effort to develop a solution for an uninterruptible power supply. Rittal, as a supplier of enclosure system technology, provides the basis on which Commeo, the solution provider for industrial energy storage applications, has built and installed an industrially compatible UPS for the customer: Windmöller & Hölscher, a mechanical engineering company. This collaboration has produced an online UPS system with a modular lithium-ion energy storage unit that ensures a stable and continuous operation.


在储能系统的开发过程中,Commeo 公司采用了全新的方式来实现适合工业使用的系统。“我们希望将锂离子蓄电池集成到一个整体系统中,使完成后的系统符合所有现行的工业标准。”Commeo 公司总经理 Michael Schnakenberg 介绍说。鉴于此,公司在箱体技术方面选用了威图的 VX25 控制柜系统。此外,像 Wöhrle 这样的系统集成商也选用威图的控制柜来安置电力电子器件。系统采用模块化结构,由容纳单个蓄电池单元的单独储能块和蓄电池管理系统组成。它们可以根据需要进行扩展。为此,所需数量的储能块与控制单元一起安装在 VX25 控制柜中。

Commeo 公司总经理 Michael Schnakenberg

“与其他供应商不同,我们不使用水冷来冷却我们的储能块。”Schnakenberg 先生介绍说:“因此它们完全无需维护,也不容易发生故障。”单个储能块的铝制外壳上只有散热片。然后通过控制柜的温控系统进行热管理。根据储能系统的大小和安装地点的环境条件而定,可以对温控解决方案进行调整。就此而言,Commeo 公司也受益于系统合作伙伴威图:因为控制柜和温控系统来自同一个供应商,因此彼此完美配合。“而且,威图的温控系统经过行业验证,为我们带来了诸多便利。”Schnakenberg 先生满意地说。

全球首创:采用锂离子技术的工业 UPS

“这是世界上第一个基于锂的、不间断工业设备应急电源。”Michael Schnakenberg 自豪地表示。该不间断电源由模块化储能块组成,这些储能块占地面积不到一平方米,可提供高达 6 C 的放电功率,输出功率为 200 kW。根据这些性能数据来看,该系统完全能够维持例如上述 Windmöller & Hölscher 公司 Tiratex 包装设备的电力供应,直至柴油发电机组启动,接管供电。

Real-world test
Power cuts are something Windmöller & Hölscher, manufacturers of flexible packaging machinery, cannot afford. If their high-tech systems come to a standstill, hours of production downtime are the consequence. With the joint solution from Rittal and Commeo, however, such power cuts will be a thing of the past in the future. For example, Windmöller & Hölscher’s TIRATEX tape stretching system is supplied with uninterruptible power. 

Energy Storage Continuous power for industry