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Coronavirus – updated customer information

The Covid-19 pandemic and raw material shortages are currently creating major challenges. Rittal is taking consistent measures at all sites to contain the pandemic and maintain the ability to deliver:

We are pleased that we can continue to deliver all core products on time. This is and remains our most important goal. The availability of our series products is largely given.

Tasks at Rittal:

Our task force is assessing the situation daily. We are following the measures taken by the authorities in Germany and in the subsidiaries to slow the spread of the virus, protect our workforce, suppliers and customers, and ensure availability and delivery capability.

We are doing all we can throughout the entire group to slow the spread of the virus:

We are taking consistent preventive action at every international location. Our reporting chain (with appropriate quarantine rules) will come into effect immediately if there is any suspicion of infection and if any possible points of contact with the virus are detected. We have discontinued travel activities, conferences and events and are taking a restrictive approach to visits and meetings. Moreover, we are observing the rules on social distancing, hygiene, and the regular wearing of masks without exception. We also remain in contact with our customers by telephone and video conference all the time. We have arranged for our employees to work from home to maintain critical functions for our customers. We have massively improved hygiene standards at the locations.

If needs be, we will take further action at our subsidiaries and at our factories to slow down the spread of the virus.

Do you have any questions?

Should you have any queries, your local contacts will be happy to give you more detailed information on the latest developments. The dedicated page on our website (www.rittal.com) is being continuously updated and provides quick access to product availability, technical information, our online shop, prices and contact persons.

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