Feb 20, 2020

Rittal and Zutacore

High-performance chip cooling: Rittal and ZutaCore forge a strategic partnership

Drivers such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and renderings are placing ever greater demands on processor performance, data centre density and individual rack cooling. Conventional cooling technologies are fast approaching their limitations. Now, the new strategic partnership between Rittal and ZutaCore has come up with a solution: high-performance direct chip cooling. This has strengthened Rittal’s expertise in the area of IT cooling and broadened its extensive portfolio to include efficient high-performance cooling for demanding high-density applications. The new solution was unveiled at the OCP Web Summit in May 2020.

Rittal, a leading global provider of industrial and IT infrastructure solutions, and ZutaCore, experts in processor and liquid cooling, have forged a strategic partnership for high-performance direct chip cooling solutions. This partnership adds innovative direct chip cooling for high packaging densities and hotspot situations to Rittal’s comprehensive range of IT solutions. Customers can now access super-efficient, scalable cooling solutions for demanding cooling applications, from edge, to hyperscale and colocation, through to high-performance computing (HPC), all from a single source.

Future-proof for dynamic market requirements

“ZutaCore is a powerful partner with an extensive knowledge of processor and liquid cooling. By combining highly efficient direct chip cooling technology with our modular, scalable IT rack and cooling systems, we help our customers to achieve future-proof growth in line with dynamic market requirements,” explains Dr. Thomas Steffen, Director Research and Development at Rittal.

“Liquid cooling solutions are highly relevant for managing the new high-performance demands of the data centre industry. However, users can often be hesitant about introducing new technologies, especially those that use liquids in close proximity to mission-critical electronics. The partnership between experienced IT infrastructure solution providers Rittal and ZutaCore will help to create acceptance and open up new opportunities for more efficient data centre cooling,” says Jennifer Cooke, Research Director at IDC’s Datacenter Trends and Strategy Team.

Future heat dissipation levels of 70 kW per rack

The waterless two-phase liquid cooling system from Rittal and ZutaCore boasts unprecedented levels of heat dissipation – currently more than 55 kW per rack, rising to 70 kW or more in future. It uses latent energy to evaporate refrigerant with full capacity utilisation of the rack. This means customers can reduce the size of their data centre footprint by 20 percent for the same capacity. Server hotspots are eliminated because the system cools precisely where hotspots arise, while mitigating the risk of IT failures.

“This partnership adds enormous value to the international data centre industry by combining Rittal’s globally available IT solutions with ZutaCore’s pioneering, waterless liquid cooling system. This allows users to densify their data centres while at the same time reducing complexity and lowering costs,” explains Erez Freibach, co-founder and CEO of ZutaCore.