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VX25: The pacemaker for tunnel operations

As they drive through the Gotthard Road Tunnel on their way to Italy, holidaymakers seldom think about the structure’s technology. One part of that technology is the enclosures. The Gotthard Road Tunnel is one of a long list of exciting projects that...

Learning for the digital future

The industry of the future will operate on a networked and digitalized basis. Staff therefore need to change their mindset and further their training. The Friedhelm Loh Group offers numerous qualifications so people and machinery can work hand in hand.

The world's fastest IT rack

Welcome to the future. With its new VX IT rack system, Rittal is presenting a modular system that has been thought through in every detail. It can therefore be used to build new IT infrastructures at a speed never seen before – from individual server...

Digital campaign by industry

Launch of a secure cloud infrastructure for German and European industry: Gaia-X is a major digital project designed to strengthen industry’s position on the global market. The Friedhelm Loh Group, a powerful SME and global player, has been involved in...

World-class research station

VX25 in a particle accelerator: the Sirius research station in São Paulo is home to more than 200 large enclosures. Read how the VX25 is helping to make research historyIn our be top online magazine.

IT systems in record time

The Chinese Internet industry is a growth driver. New, innovative business models are emerging at record speed. Rittal supports IT companies like Chindata to develop new hyperscale data centres in the fastest possible time to slate the ever-growing...