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Food industry

One-stop solution for optimum processes

All areas of the food industry require different hygiene standards. Rittal has the right solution for everything, from the housing and the power distribution to the climate control – everything is a perfect match. Naturally, the IT infrastructure is no exception.


Our expertise:

  • Cleverly thought-out system solutions for hygienic production in the food industry
  • Product solutions tailored to the latest standards, regulations and directives on food safety
  • Global availability and international approvals


The benefits to you:

  • Reduces the use of C&D agents
  • Optimises cleaning results
  • Ensures higher productivity
  • Minimises risks
  • Increases energy efficiency (CO2 footprint)


Application areas:

  • Food industry
  • Machine and plant manufacturers in the food industry
  • Feed industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetics and personal care industry




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