Daimler: Rittal climate-control systems reduce energy consumption by up to 70 percent

While searching for ways to boost energy efficiency, Daimler put energy-saving cooling units from Rittal through their paces in live tests. The Sindelfingen plant manufactures products including pressed parts for Mercedes-Benz and Maybach. And the enclosure cooling units from Rittal ticked all the boxes.

“The test results convincingly showed that Rittal’s Blue e generation cooling units would enable us to achieve clear energy savings.”
Harald Bölle, Head of Industrial and Building Systems – Electrics at Daimler AG in Sindelfingen.

Up to 70 percent lower energy consumption

The major potential for improvement is primarily related to the main energy consumers – the coating and press plants. The latter, for example, consumes 40,000 MWh/a. In view of the unequivocal test results from a pilot application, Daimler AG decided to replace the old cooling units with new ones as soon as possible and to convert all switchgear at the press plant by 2012. The automotive manufacturer placed an order for more than 250 new units with outputs from 500 W to 2,000 W – even before the cooling units were officially available.

Saving on running costs and lowering environmental impact

It is a blessing for budget planning. By changing its cooling units, Daimler can save operating costs running into six figures and satisfy its claim of “Green Technology Leadership”. In total, the new climate-control systems will stop almost 500 metric tons of CO2 from being released into the environment each year.