FFG Europe: Get fit – retrofit

Procuring new machine tools usually requires considerable investment. However, retrofitting an existing machine is an interesting alternative and can save considerable costs. The basic idea is that different components and systems in a machine tool have different service lives, which means that only individual components need to be replaced.

“Since we’ve been using the cooling units from Rittal in our machines, we haven’t had a single incident of machine failure that has been caused by a temperature problem.”
Joachim Ernst, Head of Retrofitting at FFG Europe

Machine tool manufacturer FFG Europe, which acquired the Industrial Equipment division of MAG in 2013, is using the latest cooling unit technology from Rittal in its retrofitting programme in order to boost energy efficiency.

Targeted component replacement

The fundamental mechanical components in a machining centre, such as the machine bed and drive technology components, generally have a longer service life than the electronics, for example. That is why FFG Europe offers its customers a service that brings their machine tools up to date with the latest standards in control technology without incurring the high costs associated with buying a brand new appliance. Investing in a new machine usually brings additional costs for peripherals, such as having to build a new foundation or replace fixtures and tools.

Energy savings of up 45 percent over the predecessor model

When machines are being renovated, it is always worthwhile paying careful attention to their energy efficiency, particularly since rising energy prices are making energy efficiency an increasingly important criterion for customers. The energy-saving Rittal cooling units can deliver energy savings of up to 45 percent compared to the relevant predecessor model. The high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 2.47 is due to the optimum interplay between all the cooling components, such as the condenser, evaporator, compressor and fans.

Double savings

Depending on the work involved, it takes around four to five weeks to retrofit a machining centre. What’s more, customers don’t just save on otherwise considerable investment costs, they also benefit from additional operating cost savings due to enhanced energy efficiency. “The cooling units from Rittal play a crucial part in that,” says Ernst, summing up his favourable experience.