Munich Airport: Rittal in the realm of baggage

Munich Airport is being upgraded. The baggage handling system in Terminal 2 is being extended from 40 to 50 kilometres, the early bag store is being enlarged and additional logistic improvements are being rolled out. All in all, the capacity of Germany’s second-largest airport is to be increased 35 percent by 2015. Operator Flughafen München GmbH has chosen Rittal, among others, to support this project.

“Rittal offers sophisticated systems without any teething problems.”
Siegfried Seelos, Flughafen München GmbH.

Making mistakes is simply not an option, as the expansion work is being carried out while the airport is operational. Some 14,000 items of luggage per hour are currently sorted at Franz Josef Strauss airport, with this number set to rise to 19,000 once the expansion is complete.

“The baggage handling system has to work. If any part of the system fails, it needs to be replaced quickly, and spare parts have to be delivered to site fast. We need partners who can get things done quickly, reliably and with a minimum of fuss.”
Sven Schönstedt, Siemens AG

Siemens has been appointed as the general contractor for the baggage handling system expansion. The new system is controlled from around 250 compact enclosures from Rittal’s CM and AE ranges. They are positioned directly on the conveyor lines. The low-voltage main distribution system and the cooling units that control the climate in the enclosures are housed in a further 40 TS 8 enclosures.

Robust and protected against spray water and dust

The sorting system is housed in a section of building that is 6.5 metres high and divided into two levels by a steel platform. The sorting system operates on the top level while the roadways where the baggage carts pick up and drop off their cargo are located on the lower floor. It is a harsh environment. “The enclosures we’re using in Terminal 2 need to be robust, as there is no way of avoiding dynamic loads on the steel platforms. IP requirements for spray water and dust protection also need to be met,” says Schönstedt.

Extendible – reliable components – maintenance friendly

The systems face extreme demands due to the high and uninterrupted speed of airport traffic. That makes it crucial that maintenance and expansion work can be carried out in the enclosure system as easily and quickly as possible. “It goes without saying that component reliability, straightforward maintenance and collaboration in resolving problems are key criteria for us,” says Seelos. “It must be possible to modify the enclosure groups so that solutions can be implemented quickly and easily at any time as requirements grow, for example in the area of climate control technology,” adds Schönstedt.

Never change a winning team

Rittal has already impressed Munich Airport on several occasions. Rittal technology can also be found in Terminal 1, which was opened some 20 years ago. A new satellite terminal is currently under construction, and it also uses technology from Rittal.