MWB Maritime Technology GmbH: Rittal enclosure and rack technology on MS Ostfriesland

MS Ostfriesland has linked Emden to Borkum for around 30 years. In summer 2015, the ferry switched from steam to liquid gas. This was preceded by extensive modification work and a high investment. As this process involved integrating considerably more technology, MWB Maritime Technology GmbH turned tot he comprehensive „Rittal – The System.“ range for enclosure technology.

Just the job at sea – with standard solutions

The radical changeover in drive technology and integration of a liquid gas supply resulted in the control and monitoring technology assuming much greater importance during the switchover. Fitting all this into the space available was a challenging task for the MWB project team. Individual adaptations had to be made to the contours of an existing vessel. The order from shipping company AG EMS also specified that although the space gained by extending the ferry by 15 metres should be used for the liquid gas tank and gas control technology installed in Rittal enclosures, it should also ensure greater passenger comfort as far as possible. All enclosures for the complete automation of the ferry thus needed to be designed as flexibly as possible, without having to rely on costly special solutions.

Rittal solutions from rack to control panel

Racks from the Rittal TS IT series are now installed on the bridge. These are specially adapted enclosures for installing network components and communication and control technology. Integrated into the door, are operating units and screens for displaying status reports and operating statuses. The TS IT system can thus be flexibly adapted in such a way that the doors are fully available for operation and monitoring. The racks are also ideal on MS Ostfriesland due to their robust construction and high load-bearing capacity. Thanks to the versatile interior fitting options, MWB was able to use standard components for rapid installation and cable management when integrating the technology.

This system approach can also be found in the main switchboard of MS Ostfriesland, where enclosures from the Rittal Ri4Power series were used to install the main supply. Here, too, MWB was able to rely on the Rittal system range during the installation of the main switch-board and emergency power supply, particularly in the form of busbars, connection components and contact hazard protection.

Everything at a glance

A third representative of the Rittal system shapes the situation below deck in the engine control room. To ensure crew members have an overview of all the ferry’s functions, large touchscreen monitors are integrated into the Rittal TopConsole (TP) system. The spatial constraints prompted MWB to integrate MS Ostfriesland’s other installation technology into compact CM and AE enclosures and use wall mounting to position the enclosures in locations on the ferry where space was still available, without impeding access or impairing passenger comfort.