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Power distribution

Frankfurt Airport: Dependable infrastructure and outstanding technology

With 1,400 aircraft taking off or landing on peak days, Frankfurt Airport pulls off a logistics miracle. And, of course, providing reliable information on departures and arrivals isn’t easy – it requires state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure.

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  • Troisdorf wastewater plant: New pumps – new switchgear

    In cities and communities located on the banks of a river, flood defences often stop rainwater from flowing away over a natural gradient. As a result, rainwater frequently has to be collected underground and pumped into the river via a drain.

  • Elpro GmbH: A stable energy supply for Berlin’s new airport

    Following expansion at Schönefeld, power consumption at the capital’s airport increased to the equivalent of 70,000 households. Transformer and distributor stations, equipped in part with Ri4Power systems from Rittal, were built to ensure a stable energy supply.

  • Schäftlmaier for E.ON: Planning tool speeds up plant engineering

    In 2011, one of Germany’s biggest natural gas storage facilities was expanded with the addition of a new compressor that forces natural gas into deep rock strata under high pressure. The electrical engineering firm working on the project opted to use the Ri4Power system from Rittal for the new plant’s low-voltage main

  • Promontan: On an unmanned mission in the Caspian Sea

    Offshore oil production places high demands on the equipment used. Typical requirements include the highest possible level of safety during plant operation and GL certification. Oil production platforms that are operated unmanned – such as those run by Dragon Oil – pose a particular challenge.