Frankfurt Airport: Dependable infrastructure and outstanding technology

With 1,400 aircraft taking off or landing on peak days, Frankfurt Airport pulls off a logistics miracle. And, of course, providing reliable information on departures and arrivals isn’t easy – it requires state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure. Operating company Fraport AG has been using system solutions from Rittal for just that purpose for years.

“Strong partners like Rittal are very important to us.”
Dr. Ulrich Kipper, Head of the Central Infrastructure Management Service Section at Fraport AG

To ensure the entire technical infrastructure – from baggage handling to air traffic control – runs smoothly, it is essential to have in place IT and automation systems that offer high availability. To protect these systems, Fraport AG has for many years been using system solutions from Rittal in all areas of the airport for IT infrastructures, automation and switchgear – and that now includes the new north-west runway projects.


Rittal products are being used by the airport’s fire service, in the cutting-edge video surveillance system for the runway and in all the lighting systems. Enclosures, outdoor enclosures, components for power distribution and climate-control technology, network and server racks and uninterruptible power supplies make sure everything keeps on running.


Numerous compact and standard enclosures and cooling units from Rittal have also been installed for the baggage handling system, the central air-conditioning units and the IT infrastructures of the new A-Plus pier, which is equipped with terminal positions for wide-bodied aircraft – in particular four A380 superjumbos.