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Currently, Covid-19 is spreading worldwide, including in Germany, and Rittal is consistently taking action to respond to this situation.

Our task force assesses the situation on a daily basis. We have developed measures to act quickly and appropriately in every situation. We follow official regulations in Germany and in the international subsidiaries to protect our employees, suppliers and customers and to ensure deliverability across the globe.

Do you have to expect any consequences?

You know that delivery reliability is our priority. We are pleased to inform you that we are still able to deliver on time and that is and remains our most important goal. There are significant restrictions in production and logistics, especially in Italy and India. So far, we are able to compensate these restrictions. We have increased our stock (in Europe 110 Mio. €) and we are able to schedule replacement deliveries from other regions. Our ability to deliver and the availability of our products is given throughout the series production area. Individual orders in the custom-made area are currently being examined. We will inform you immediately if there are delays in delivery of your order.

We evaluate our measures on a daily basis and adapt to the current situation if necessary in order to maintain the accustomed availability.

Our contribution to slow down the spread of the virus:

We consistently take precautions at all our locations worldwide. Our reporting chain with appropriate quarantine rules takes effect at an early stage if a suspected case of infection and possible points of contact with the virus is detected. We have discontinued travel activities, conferences, events and meetings and are available to our customers at all times by telephone and video conference. We use home office regulations throughout to ensure that key functions are maintained for the customer. We have massively increased hygiene standards at our locations.

In the subsidiaries and at the production sites, we are taking additional local measures where necessary to slow down the spread of the virus.

Do you have any questions?

Your accustomed contact persons will be happy to give you additional detailed information and keep you in touch with the latest developments. We constantly update our information on the special page of our homepage ( or and provide you with quick access to product availability, technical information, online shop, prices and contact persons.

Last update: 28/04/2020