IT infrastructure from Rittal safeguards the Vatican Library’s data resources

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In the first phase of the project, two of the four proposed areas were equipped with IT infrastructure from Rittal.

2013-03-15. The Vatican Apostolic Library contains the world's largest collection of ancient and hand-written texts. The library is making a valuable contribution to cultural history by completely digitising around 180,000 manuscripts. The future home of the digitised documentation will be a data centre from Rittal that combines both energy efficiency and maximum flexibility.

Forty million pages are being recorded during the course of the digitisation project, which is set to run for four years. IT infrastructure from Rittal forms the project’s backbone. When choosing a data centre, both energy efficiency and maximum flexibility play major roles. Subsequent extensions also need to be feasible should archiving requirements grow. The founding of the Vatican Apostolic Library can be traced back to the Holy See in the 15th century. It holds approximately 180,000 manuscripts and 1.6 million books, as well as 300,000 coins and medals.

Maximum security

The data centre is located next to the offices of the Vatican Library’s employees. The floor plan and the construction were planned carefully and accurately by Rittal. The draft plan included four sections; eight Rittal TS 8 server racks and four LCP (liquid cooling packages) units can be installed in each of them. Two of these sections have already been expanded during the first phase of the project. An uninterrupted power supply that backs up all four sections of the data centre ensures that it possesses the highest possible availability. Climate control in the server racks is performed by four LCP Inline units. The warm air is then transported via air/water heat exchangers, so ensuring that the servers in the IT racks do not overheat. Security, video surveillance, and access control systems have also been installed to provide a high level of security for the archived data. The Rittal CMC III (Computer Multi Control) monitoring system guarantees that the data centre operates smoothly, and it immediately reports any malfunctions such as a sudden rise in temperature in the server rack. The security concept is rounded off by the Rittal RiZone management software application.

Caption 2: The Vatican Library houses approximately 180,000 manuscripts, 8,600 incunabula, as well as 1.6 million books and 300,000 coins and medals.