Rittal presents secure edge computing at the "it-sa"

2018-09-10. Safe: Edge solutions for Smart Government, Smart Industry and Smart Healthcare. Turnkey: IT containers for the fast and safe configuration of edge infrastructures. Scalable: Fail-safe solutions from Rittal and its partners ABB, HPE and iNNOVO.

In 2018, cybersecurity will remain a central issue for companies in all branches of industry. The TÜV Rheinland certification body ("Cybersecurity Trends 2018"), claims that the majority of attacks are committed for financial reasons. Personal information from the health and financial sectors is particularly in demand. But the Internet of Things is also acutely endangered, as a large number of devices are being operated there. That is why a high level of system security needs to be the main selection criterion when new IT infrastructures are being set up. At the 2018 it-sa, under the motto "Discover the Edge", Rittal will be presenting IT solutions for all edge scenarios, offering high reliability while at the same time protecting IT systems from unauthorised access.

Secure edge solutions for smart industries

Digitization is driving the growth of company IT capacities. Many digital applications require real-time data processing, including M2M communication in production or intelligent traffic systems in smart cities. More and more edge data centers are being built right next to the data sources for the rapid data processing of applications on site. These decentralized IT systems are bringing computing power directly to where data is generated.

"In addition to the low latency, the high physical security and high availability of information technology are now the central requirements for companies in reducing the risks of data loss or system failure. We help companies find a solution with the help of real use cases and partners, so that the fail-safe IT systems needed can be implemented quickly and easily," says Andreas Keiger, Executive Vice President of Rittal's Global Business Unit IT.

Visitors to Rittal's booth at the it-sa will learn just what secure edge computing looks like in practice with real applications and solutions for Smart Government, Smart Healthcare and Smart Industry.

Smart City: Secure E-Government

Edge data center solutions that prevent physical access and which can be implemented in a security room are available at Rittal's booth in the Smart Government section. This way, the large amounts of data needed for intelligent technologies such as driverless vehicles and traffic guidance system in smart cities can be processed safely and quickly. A high availability of data with short latency times and as close to the data source as possible is essential, since processes such as traffic or traffic light control have to take place in real time. With remote data centers, high latencies would inevitably occur during data provision due to the long transmission paths.

Smart Healthcare: Secure patient data

In the health sector, pharmacies, hospitals, insurance companies and service providers are continuously exchanging patient data. This sensitive information must be protected against unauthorized access and yet, at the same time, it must be highly available. An edge data center provides this confidential information with a level of high performance, for instance, in order to expand a hospital information system or a radiology center. At it-sa, Rittal will be presenting its smart healthcare solution for edge computing. This solution is based on the Micro Data Center Level E, an IT environment that offers maximum physical security, including both access and fire protection.

Smart Industry: Reliability for Industry 4.0

Fail-safe IT systems are needed to fully exploit the benefits of the increased automation resulting from intelligent robots and networked machines in manufacturing. The Secure Edge Data Center (SEDC) jointly developed by Rittal, HPE and ABB, is ideal for such smart industry applications. This robust and turnkey solution with an IP 55 protection class, a selectable level of redundancy for power supply and continuous cooling, as well as fire protection and monitoring, meets the important requirements of high availability. The entire system is protected against external influences while – in the event of a fault – central components such as IT cooling will still be available thanks to replacement modules. Fail-safe operation is vital in highly automated manufacturing environments to prevent production downtimes. For example, a leading German steel producer is expanding its IT infrastructure with Rittal Edge data centers in the context of digitizing production. The company is installing IT containers equipped with Rittal TS IT racks directly on site. These work as edge data centers and include a cloud connection.

IT security is Rittal's focus

The it-sa is Europe's largest IT security trade show and it will be taking place in Nuremberg from 9 to 11 October 2018. Rittal will be represented with a 90 m² booth in Hall 9, 604. Joint exhibitors at the Rittal stand are iNNOVO Cloud GmbH and ABB, one of Rittal's global strategic partners.

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