Rittal is warmed up to environmental protection

2018-12-14. The new paint shop at Rittal’s Haiger factory has been in operation for several weeks now. Being silent and clean, few people outside the production facility have noticed its existence. It is just one example that shows Rittal is also particularly focussed on environmental protection and energy efficiency at the factory.

“The Rittal Haiger site can be described as a “green factory” without any doubt. We would have been allowed to construct it the same way if it had been built in a health spa”. Now, that certainly is a statement. It was told without hesitation by Jörg Kühn, the man responsible for safety, energy, environment and construction at Rittal. He was instrumental in shaping the plant’s environmental and energy concept and he told us what was so special about it.

He pointed to the new paint shop as a showcase example. It is one of the key parts of the plant. With the help of this unit, the enclosures made in Haiger are provided with the necessary protective outer shell. One can think of it like the paint on a car. Thanks to this outer shell, the enclosures can later withstand dirt, wind and weather. But what does this all have to do with environmental protection? Quite a lot, says Mr. Kühn: “The waste heat produced during the painting process is being used consequently in other places, for instance during the degreasing of construction parts or for heating the production halls." It is all actually quite simple, although not self-evident.

Water consumption at the Haiger plant is also extremely energy-efficient. The water used during working operation is cleaned and recirculated in a circulatory system: “High-tech industry and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive,” says Jörg Kühn, as he describes these recycling systems. Not only did they meet the legal requirements, they also take things a few steps further as far as environmental protection is concerned: “It’s because one can do more than one is forced to,” the expert emphasises, pointing out how important it is to be aware of sustainable environmental management. If state-of-the-art technology in industry can help, then that is a good thing.