Perfectly channelled – switchgear for marine applications from a single source

2018-12-18. In a complex refurbishment project, Niedersachsen Ports is bringing the Nesserland lock up to the latest technical standards with the aid of Rittal systems. Enclosures, power distribution and IT systems from Rittal meet multiple requirements for complex automation. A consistent approach provides efficiency and flexibility along the entire value chain in plant engineering.

The Nesserland lock has been the gateway to the inland port of Emden since 1888. In an extensive refurbishment project, ultimately amounting to a complete reconstruction over a ten-year period, Niedersachsen Ports has brought the lock up to the latest technical standards with an eye to the future. Enclosures and IT rack solutions from the Rittal system are being employed in Emden that range from low-voltage power supplies to IT networks. The main reasons for the selection were the consistent systems approach from project planning to implementation.

The Nesserland Lock in Emden has always been something special, given the tasks it has to perform. Initially, the facility will take over the traditional lock function between the port and the tidal water level of the outer Ems in the direction of the North Sea. In addition, it forms part of the system of dykes for coastal protection and prevents silt from the Dollart bay entering into the harbour basin. This is rounded off by the newly built bascule bridge (drawbridge) for the road vehicles that cross it. it opens every time the lock is operated, making space for the ships.

Solutions for automation and IT

The system is supplied via three low-voltage switchgear systems based on Rittal enclosures, including NH slimline fuse-switch-disconnectors from the RiLine busbar range. This clear-cut picture is also characterised by IT racks for the complex network technology, TS 8 control enclosures for the complex automation and safety technology, as well as stainless steel compact enclosures to supply the outdoor areas – logically mounted on lighting masts.

A continuous value chain

In Emden, all the individual functions of the lock and the bridge are networked with each other, which results in the implementation of complex automation. This is essentially distributed over three different locations: the engine room in the so-called inland main to the port side, the engine basement of the bascule bridge and the emergency control station above that. Here too, Scholl Energie- und Steuerungstechnik from Lübeck also relies on a systems concept. The maritime switchgear construction specialists only implement Rittal enclosure and power distribution systems. “Rittal supports value creation from engineering through construction to application,” Dennis Lehnhardt, Business Unit Manager at Scholl summarises.

In addition to the general processing quality, it is above all the system concept that makes life easier for switchgear manufacturers; from the quickly available range of accessories to engineering tools such as EPLAN Electric P8 and EPLAN Pro Panel, as well as perfectly coordinated Perforex BC 1001 CNC machining centres. “This gives us the chance to cut our production times and also enables us to react relatively easily to rescheduling during an ongoing project,” Mr. Lehnhardt says. Thomas Tröster, Electrical Team Leader at Niedersachsen Ports adds that “Synergy effects with existing systems are also important. It’s easier for us to change an enclosure if we stick to a given system.”

Rittal is the right partner for the maritime industry

The maritime sector is one of the most important target markets for Rittal as a global systems provider. “Rittal–System.” solutions are used in numerous shipyards, ships, harbours, offshore platforms and inland.“ Clients include all major ships’ chandlers and shipyards. The solutions offered range from housing and enclosure systems, climate control solutions and to power distribution systems and IT infrastructure solutions.

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