Rittal with new NEMA 3R/4 cooling units

2019-05-28. Cooling technology for outdoor applications today must function reliably even in extreme heat and cold, moisture and dust. But the requirements are even higher: electrical engineering companies and operators expect maximum energy efficiency, smart networking, the highest international approvals and global service from state-of-the art cooling systems. Rittal meets these requirements with its new NEMA 3R/4 cooling units. They also excel due to the IP 56 protection, energy-efficient Blue e technology, smart IoT capability, “cULus Listed” approval for simplified permits in the North American market and worldwide service.

Outdoor systems for wastewater treatment, solar and alternative energy applications or infrastructure projects such as toll stations often cause plant constructors and operators headaches. This is because the associated panels and switchgear, which are installed outdoors, must also function perfectly in wind and weather. Rittal has developed the new NEMA 3R/4 cooling units – especially for the North American market – so that the enclosures can be operated safely even under extreme conditions. This ensures that the cooling unit technology is optimally protected and functions reliably even when installed outdoors from rain, sleet, damage due to ice formation (NEMA 3R) and wind-driven dust and rain, spray water and jet water (NEMA 4).

The new cooling units are available in sheet steel in four power classes from 500 to 2,500 W and can be put into operation in the temperature range from -20°C to +50°C. The compressor of the cooling unit works in the temperature range from +10°C to +50°C. If the outside temperature is below +10°C, the unit automatically switches to pure internal fan operation. The new development has the protection classes UL Type 3R/4, UL Type 12 and IP 56.

Energy efficiency and IoT capability

The new units are available as energy-efficient Blue e wall-mounted cooling units with integrated e-Comfort controller as standard (on the rear), RiNano coating on the condenser and electrical condensate evaporation (from 1000 W). In conjunction with the IoT interface and Blue e adapter, the manufacturer also enables intelligent networking and digitalization of the Blue e cooling units. This makes it easy to connect the devices to industrial 4.0 environments without having to intervene in the automation logic. The configuration and commissioning of the IoT Interface is carried out quickly, conveniently and completely programming-free via the integrated web server. This allows condition monitoring of up to 10 cooling units in the master/slave network. For example, the alarm and system messages as well as the current internal and ambient temperature of the enclosure can be displayed.

Simplified permits and global service

In addition to the cULus FTTA, CE and EAC approvals, the cooling unit has the “cULus Listed” approval status. This means that international manufacturers of machines and equipment who are targeting the US and Canadian markets will find it much easier to design and subsequently gain approval from the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association). This, in turn, will lead to noticeable cost savings. Rittal ensures short reaction times in the event of service thanks to its local presence with 150 customer service locations worldwide, 40 service technicians throughout Germany and over 1,000 service technicians internationally.