Rittal and Innovo Cloud at it-sa 2019: IT security made in Germany for edge and cloud computing infrastructure

2019-09-16. • Rittal monitoring solutions granted Software Made in Germany seal of approval from BitMi (German Association of SMEs in IT). • Rittal and Innovo Cloud to showcase end-to-end portfolio of IT security solutions for hardware (operational technology), software and the cloud. • Innovo Cloud: implement secure cloud computing with C5 certification and Germany-based data centres.

Rittal und Innovo Cloud will be presenting their solutions for physical IT security and cyber-security at the specialist it-sa trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, from 8 to 10 October 2019. The event enables players in both the private and public sectors to discover effective ways of protecting their data centres, edge computing infrastructure and cloud services against attacks.

Rittal and Innovo Cloud offer an end-to-end solution portfolio in this space. Customers can therefore be confident of extremely robust IT security for their operational technology (OT), cloud services and applications. Moreover, the two partners deliver flexible cloud services from Germany-based data centres. As a result, data remain in Germany whenever they are being processed. The IT and cloud security solutions are aligned with the recommendations of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). As a result, IT decision-makers can be sure of IT security made in Germany.

The exhibition stand will offer visitors ample opportunity to gain in-depth insights into Rittal’s physical security solutions. Among the systems on show is a Micro Data Center (MDC), a modular safe for housing edge computing data centres with an output of up to 6 kW in harsh environments. The company is also highlighting its Edge Data Center (EDC) for an output of up to 3 kW. The EDC is ideal for enterprises looking to rapidly implement distributed edge computing infrastructures in conjunction with efficient cooling at secure sites, such as 5G network operators.

A further exhibit is the Industrial Edge Data Center (IEDC): an edge computing solution from Atos, Rittal and Siemens for state-of-the-art industrial environments that is also suitable for public sector organisations and smart cities. The IEDC is available in a variety of versions, from wall-mounted to containerised units, and is capable of processing IoT (Internet of Things) data in real time. In addition, an IT security room illustrates how to quickly and efficiently establish a building-independent data centre with high-availability safeguards.

Software “Made in Germany”

Any comprehensive security solution requires monitoring software. Rittal has now received the Software Made in Germany seal of quality from the German Association of SMEs in IT (BitMi) for its CMC III and RiZone solutions. This is a clear signal to the wider world that these systems guarantee the very highest standards of protection, including continuous improvement. The accolade focuses on service, quality and future-proof design. Customers enjoy support and training, the software was tested in German laboratories, and on-going evolution of the solution is contractually agreed.

RiZone is a DCIM (data centre infrastructure management) system for monitoring complex infrastructure. CMC III is an alert system for network and server enclosures, IT racks, containers, and rooms. These solutions enable end-to-end monitoring of physical security, operational technology (OT) and the cloud.

Cloud “made in Germany”

Innovo Cloud, a Rittal sister company, will be spotlighting its solutions for secure, made-in-Germany cloud computing. The enterprise will demonstrate to players in both the private and public sectors how to operate secure edge solutions, including cloud integration – ranging from single-rack solutions to fully equipped containerised data centres.

The data generated at the edge site are transferred to a robustly shielded cloud storage facility. As a result, Innovo Cloud will, in the future, be able to offer its cloud services complete with C5 certification. Existing standards were primarily suitable for intra-enterprise traffic or outsourcing partnerships, but were not designed specifically for cloud computing imperatives. The C5 catalogue of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) describes international standards on security and certification that mandate C5 certification for certain processes, e.g. public sectors RFPs.

Rittal and Innovo Cloud will be in hall 9, stand 411, at it-sa (8 to 10 October 2019).

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