Rittal at SPS 2019: Rittal’s new Wire Station 540 wiring workstation

2019-11-27. Ergonomic, modular and flexible – these are the characteristics of the Rittal Wire Station 540 mobile wiring table. Workstations in panel building and switchgear manufacturing and in electro-technical workshops can be professionally equipped with this innovation, which can also be used in mobile applications. Thanks to the modularity of the system, the wiring table can be individually adapted to the assembly process. This represents a further step towards automation in conjunction with the fully automatic Wire Terminal wire processing machine and the EPLAN Smart Wiring software tool.

Wiring components in panel building and switchgear manufacturing is the step where most manual work is still needed. Even if wire processing is automated, for example with the Rittal Wire Terminal, the wires are still installed in the enclosure or on the mounting plate manually. Moreover, cables with larger cross-sections also have to be assembled manually. The same applies when assembling connectors. Rittal is now launching the ergonomically designed Wire Station 540 wiring workstation to make all these activities more productive and efficient.


The Wire Station 540 is based on a worktable whose height can be adapted flexibly to the size of the person and the working situation. Optional accessories include, for example, a powerful and dimmable LED light for the homogeneous illumination of the workstation, as well as socket strips and a multifunctional monitor holder. A drawer insert for the most important hand-held tools is also provided. This also makes it possible to accommodate cable reels, wire packs and storage trays. Furthermore, the semi-automatic hardware for wire processing such as automatic cut-to-length, insulation stripping and crimping machines can be easily integrated. The wiring workstation can be ideally equipped for the respective task with the help of the optional accessory modules.

Thanks to a holder in which the wire rail magazines from the fully automatic Wire Terminal wire processing machine can be attached to the workstation, the workstation – in conjunction with an attachable screen option – is the ideal interface for using the EPLAN Smart Wiring software.

All the work on wires with larger cross-sections, as well as special wire end treatment can also be carried out efficiently and easily on the wiring workstation.

Everything ready to hand in the workshop

Thanks to its castors, the Wire Station can be used as a mobile device in the workshop. The manually or fully automatically assembled wires, all the tools and semi-automatic machines, as well as the additionally required material are always at hand. The time-consuming running backwards and forwards between the enclosure and workbench is now a thing of the past. The Wire Station is thus the ideal interface between automated wire assembly and manual work, directly at the enclosure.