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Rittal: Lefdal Mine Datacenter is open

2017-05-15. Being the most cost effective, secure, flexible, and green datacenter in Europe – that is the vision of Lefdal Mine Datacenter (LMD) in Norway. Opened on 10th May 2017, the datacenter has completed the build out of Phase 1, and a cooling capacity of 45 MW is ready for use.

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  • Rittal honoured as a driver of innovations among medium-sized companies

    2017-07-14. Rittal has secured a place among Germanys hundred most innovative companies. The world’s leading provider of industrial enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure has been honoured by leading innovation researchers for developing ground-breaking technologies.

  • Rittal honoured as an electronics pioneer

    2017-07-13. Rittal has been recognised by trade magazine “Elektronikpraxis” as a “Milestone in Electronics”. In the context of the magazine’s 50th anniversary, the world’s provider of industrial enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure won the award in the category of enclosures and climate control.

  • Rittal is a driver of standardized Open Rack technology

    2017-07-06. Over three per cent of global electricity output is currently expended on data centers – one of the fastest-growing consumers of power today. This development is being countered by the recently founded Open19 Foundation with a new concept: standardized, modular IT infrastructures ensure higher efficiency, reduced costs

  • Climate control in the food industry

    2017-06-07. Climate control of enclosures with water cooling is highly efficient. The new Hygienic Design air/water heat exchangers from Rittal are ideally suited to the food industry, where hygiene requirements are exceptionally stringent.

  • Rittal is showing innovative solutions for datacenters in Monaco

    2017-05-29. Datacloud Europe is one of the leading events for modern datacenters in Europe. Rittal is involved as a sponsor, is participating in the accompanying exhibition and is will be providing presentations on state-of-the-art technologies related to “Modular to Hyperscale Datacenter Cooling and Energy Efficiency”.

  • Rittal IT practical days: Industry event for IT decision-makers

    2017-05-22. The digital transformation means the demand for data centre services will continue to grow strongly in the coming years. Rittal will therefore be holding another two of its successful IT practical days on 20 June (Stuttgart) and 27 June (Munich) to discuss data centre design and efficiency requirements.

  • A new start in life: Rittal Foundation supports at-risk people

    2017-05-19. To make a new start in life, Robi Brömel often had to ask for help, find a great deal of strength and never lose faith in himself. The “Neustart” (“New Start”) project brought the turnaround. The Rittal Foundation has been supporting the project for years and it has now donated a further €5,000.

  • ROI calculator for Perforex machining centres from Rittal

    2017-05-17. CNC machining centres, such as Perforex from Rittal Automation Systems, deliver significantly improved efficiency when processing panels in comparison to manual approaches. In fact, it is possible to achieve time savings of up to two thirds.

  • Rittal publishes new System Catalogue

    2017-05-04. Rittal’s new System Catalogue 35 presents the company’s complete portfolio for the IT and manufacturing industries – addressing the needs of design engineers, switchgear manufacturers and data centre operators.

  • The Rittal compact busbar system for up to 125 A

    2017-05-03. Standardisation of control gear and switchgear is one of the most effective ways to reduce engineering and configuration costs. This is true for products both large and small – as Rittal demonstrates with its new RiLine Compact busbar system.

  • Hannover Messe 2017: New Blue e+ chillers from Rittal

    2017-04-25. The temperature of the cooling medium in machine tools needs to be controlled accurately so as to ensure high-precision machining. The cooling system must also be energy-efficient, versatile, reliable and easy to maintain.

  • Hannover Messe 2017: Transmission of data to the cloud

    2017-04-24. Capturing, transmitting and processing data lies at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution. Conse-quently, cutting-edge connectivity is a must for equipment in factories and similar environments – for example to enable predictive maintenance.

  • Recently qualified apprentices advised never to stop learning

    2017-03-31. On completing their apprenticeships at the Friedhelm Loh Group, 26 young people proudly received their certificates at an official ceremony held in their honour. Carsten Röttchen, Managing Director of International Production at Rittal, reminded them that the world never sleeps.

  • Rittal enabling high performance computing

    2017-03-30. Sophisticated simulations and renderings require powerful IT resources – either on site, or from the cloud. For these high performance computing (HPC) applications, Rittal offers mobile, standardised, and turn-key on- or off-premises solutions.

  • Standardised data centre containers for faster time-to-market

    2017-03-28. The fourth industrial revolution, the Internet of Things and big data analytics call for flexible IT resources. Rittal’s standardised data centre designs and containers allow the rapid, flexible implementation of scalable IT infrastructures.