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Image source: Rittal GmbH & Co. KG

A strong role model who creates value – Dr Friedhelm Loh awarded honorary professorship

2017-11-24. A successful, family-run company, support for research and teaching, social and Christian commitment – entrepreneur Dr Friedhelm Loh is setting standards in business and science. The unyielding commitment of the family entrepreneur has now been honoured with the title of honorary professor.

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  • Rittal Automation Systems present new advancements

    2018-03-06. Despite automated solutions, switchgear manufacturing still involves a great deal of manual work when it comes to cutting and machining busbars, support rails and cable ducts. In order to automate or part-automate this work, Rittal Automation Systems is now offering new and improved machines and tools.

  • Rittal at light + building 2018: Data ready for smart buildings

    2018-02-27. Studies suggest that global data volumes will increase ten-fold by 2025, to 163 zettabytes (Zbytes). This is being driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) – ranging from networked manufacturing to smart homes and smart cities. Edge data centers can handle the huge amounts of data near the point of origin.

  • New Edge Data Center Configurator from Rittal

    2018-02-15. The Internet of Things is rapidly taking shape. It is now clear that companies are adapting their IT infrastructure. Edge data centers are helping to process the vast amounts of data involved in this digital transformation, near to the point where the data originates.

  • Rittal is a founding member of the MindSphere World IoT platform

    2018-02-08. Around 20 industrial companies, including Rittal and Siemens, belong to the newly founded “MindSphere World” global user organisation for the cloud-based “MindSphere” open IoT operating system. Its aim is to expand the global reach of the ecosystem based on MindSphere.

  • Cooling units with new output class

    2018-01-30. Rittal Blue e+ cooling units are currently the most efficient of their kind on the market. The manufacturer is now expanding its range of cooling units with the addition of a device with an output class of 1.6 kW.

  • Slimline motor controllers create space in enclosures

    2018-01-23. Small drives for machines and equipment often lie in the range of up to 9.0 A and are protected by conventional motor circuit breakers. With the new motor controllers for its RiLine Compact power distribution system, Rittal is now able to offer a sophisticated solution using new technology that is far from ordinary.

  • Kiesling wins Supplier Special Award

    2018-01-18. Rittal subsidiary Kiesling Maschinentechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Wiernsheim has received the Supplier Special Award from the Maag Group in Grossostheim as one of its top three suppliers.

  • Rittal comment on data centre trends 2018: What matters to IT managers

    2017-12-14. The process of digital transformation is in full swing: At least half of global value creation could be digitized by 2021, according to a forecast by market researchers at IDC. Faced with high electricity costs, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to modernize the IT landscape.

  • Youngsters cracked it

    2017-12-11. After three months spent polishing their projects, the best efforts by the second-year apprentices in the Friedhelm Loh Group earned special prizes. During this year’s summer workshop in Gnadenthal Abbey, the youngsters focused on the principle “You have to crack open a nut to see what’s inside”.

  • The new "be top" company magazine: The pacemaker

    2017-12-07. Time flies – and nowhere is this more true than in today’s digitised world. This makes smooth processes and reliable partners all the more crucial. The new edition of be top shows why Rittal considers itself a pacemaker for industry and IT when it comes to supporting partners on their paths to success.

  • Rittal at SPS: Rittal expands RiLine Compact portfolio

    2017-11-30. Small drives for machines and equipment often lie in the range of up to 9.0 A and are protected by conventional motor circuit breakers. However, when space in the enclosure is limited, it is very difficult to accommodate a high number of protection elements.

  • Rittal at SPS: New height-adjustable support section from Rittal

    2017-11-29. Optimised ergonomics are essential in the work-place. Not only do machines need to satisfy safety requirements, but they must also be designed so that they are as easy to use as possible, i.e. effortless and strain-free. Operator terminals on machines should be flexible and easy to position, using support arm systems.