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Process industry

Rittal products are approved worldwide and offer cost-effective standard solutions for virtually all requirements.


Our expertise:

  • Decades of experience in enclosure technology, efficient climate control, power distribution and back-up.
  • Proven know-how and specialist skills


The benefits to you:

  • Products with worldwide approval
  • Low-cost standard solutions for almost any requirement
  • Modular enclosure technology for extreme conditions such as air containing dust or oil
  • Enclosure solutions for sensitive areas
  • Efficient energy supply, climate control technology, power distribution and back-up
  • System accessories for fast assembly
  • Your production operations benefit from end-to-end engineering thanks to Eplan
  • Seamless global delivery and service network, including on-site support


Application areas:

  • Chemical industry
  • Plastics industry
  • Refineries, crude oil, natural gas and mineral oil processing
  • Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and genetic engineering
  • Ores, stones & clay, cement and glass
  • Steel and metal production
  • Coal mining
  • Paper industry