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The Friedhelm Loh Group is taking over IoTOS, a start-up based in Limburg, Germany

2019-10-10. Three Friedhelm Loh Group companies will be working together even more closely in the future: Rittal, German Edge Cloud and IoTOS, along with Bosch Connected Industry will be offering the first complete solution for integrating, harmonising and analysing industrial production data.

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  • More transparency and control over power consumption in IT racks

    2020-07-21. Energy consumption is an important factor for economical IT operations. The maximum transparency of consumption is vital. That is why Rittal has integrated extensive measurement functions for detailed energy analysis in its new PDU (Power Distribution Unit) product range.

  • Building edge infrastructures faster

    2020-07-15. Speed is of the essence. Due to the industrial transformation, manufacturing companies are having to build new IT and OT infrastructures for edge applications faster than ever before.The answer to this demand is the new Rittal VX IT rack system, which is being presented at the 2020 Hannover Messe Digital Days.

  • AX enclosures: now also ready for outdoor use

    2020-07-14. Rittal has rounded off its AX range of compact enclosures with its newly developed plastic enclosures. The manufacturer is now offers the best of two worlds: the advantages of sophisticated technology combined with the benefits of an extremely robust material.

  • Friedhelm Loh Group is a founding member of the GAIA-X organization

    2020-06-04. GAIA-X, the major European digital project aimed at strengthening Europe’s position in international competition, is to become an organisation with the capacity to act and with legal capacity. The Friedhelm Loh Group with its German Edge Cloud subsidiary will be a founding member of the new GAIA-X Foundation.

  • The world’s fastest IT rack

    2020-05-05. With its new VX IT rack system, Rittal is presenting a newly developed modular system for server and network racks. This allows IT infrastructures to be set up with previously unattained speed – ranging from individual network racks to complete data centres.

  • Strategic Partnership between Rittal and ZutaCore

    2020-02-20. Empowering Next Generation Data Centers with High Performance Chip Cooling Solutions: Rittal HPC Cooled-by-ZutaCore solutions provide trusted global expertise with innovative waterless two-phase direct contact evaporative liquid cooling.

  • Friedhelm Loh Group wins innovation award with ONCITE

    2020-02-12. First place for the Friedhelm Loh Group in “2020 Innovation Champions Award”. The award-winning ONCITE solution is the first real-time capable, data sovereign and AI-based edge cloud data centre for the future industrial processing of manufacturing data.

  • Rittal Cup results in record donations: football for a good cause

    2019-12-10. The 2019 Rittal Cup was able to boast a record result: No less than €10,400 was raised for charitable purposes. The “Charlie und Lotte” grief counselling service, the German Red Cross’s Dietzhölztal branch, the church-run care centre in Eschenburg and the SG Dietzhölztal all benefited from the donations.

  • What is on the list of trends for 2020?

    2019-12-05. Growing volumes of data, a secure European cloud (data control), rapid upgrades of data centres and rising energy consumption are the IT/data centre trends for Rittal in 2020. For example, the use of OCP (Open Compute Project) technology and heat recovery offers solutions for the challenges of the present.

  • Rittal presents awards to channel partners

    2019-11-28. The winners of the awards are from Belgium, Italy and Poland. At the Channel Partner Summit, 50 partners from the EMEA region exchanged ideas about all the trends and challenges involved in partner and customer lifetime values, as well as edge computing.

  • Rittal at SPS 2019: Rittal’s new Wire Station 540 wiring workstation

    2019-11-27. Ergonomic, modular and flexible – these are the characteristics of the Rittal Wire Station 540 mobile wiring table. Workstations in panel building and switchgear manufacturing and in electro-technical workshops can be professionally equipped with this innovation, which can also be used in mobile applications.

  • Into the monastery – for progress

    2019-11-15. “Stagnation means decline and I won’t have it!” That was the motto of this year’s "Trainee Days" event for Friedhelm Loh Group apprentices, held at the Gnadenthal monastery.