Busbar systems

  • RiLine Compact busbar systems
    RiLine Compact busbar systems

    Up to 125 A, 3-pole, simple, tool-free connection of components, all-round contact hazard protection.


  • Busbar systems Mini-PLS
    Busbar systems Mini-PLS

    Up to 250 A, 40 mm bar centre distance, 3-pole, space-saving plug and lock connection from the front, support suitable for top mounting, all-round contact hazard protection.


  • Busbar systems RiLine
    Busbar systems RiLine

    Up to 1600 A, 60 mm bar centre distance, 3-pole and 4-pole, all-round contact hazard protection, for all the world's markets.


  • Fuse components RiLine
    Fuse components RiLine

    Innovative fuse elements for IEC or UL applications up to 630 A.


  • Accessories RiLine
    Accessories RiLine



Conductor connection clamps

Fully insulated terminal for tool-free conductor connection

  • Time-saving top-mounting
  • Terminal box with integral label panels
  • Universal conductor connection
  • Maintenance-free

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CB and OM adaptor selector

The circuit-breaker and OM adaptor selectors enable you to quickly choose the right adaptors and accessories for your switchgear.

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Open OM adaptor selector

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