A comprehensive range of interior installation accessories for enclosure systems and IT racks, such as mounting plates, rail systems, mounting components, component shelves, system lights, EMC and earthing accessories, socket strips

Interior installation

Mounting plates

Mounting plates as additions to enclosures and cases where a mounting plate is not included in the scope of supply. Partial mounting plate and partial installation plates for Rittal enclosure systems create additional mounting surfaces in the width,...

Interior installation

Assembly components

A wide range of mounting accessories such as cage nuts, U nuts, screws and different mounting components for user-friendly, efficient enclosure installation.

Interior installation


Protection of the standard enclosure against electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields may be further enhanced with the system accessories. Measures include improving the shielding effect with optimum potential equalisation or contacting cable...

Interior installation

Interior installation for areas at risk of earthquakes

Accessories for enclosure systems for use in earthquake zones 1, 2, 3 and/or 4 to Telcordia GR 63-CORE.