System accessories for command panels and external mounting accessories for enclosures: Front assembly of command panels, monitors, handles, supports and drawers for keyboards, mouse holders and supports, interface flaps, signal pillars.

Human/machine interface


Handles on the Comfort-Panel and Optipanel command panels facilitate optimum ergonomic positioning of the enclosures for different users. Other handle systems may be attached to the straight surfaces of any enclosures.

Human/machine interface

External mounting accessories

Practical holder for clipboards or display boards. Safety instructions and other important information is directly visible for the plant operator.

Human/machine interface

Front assembly

Aluminium front panels for perfect visual integration into the front of the Comfort-Panel and Optipanel command panels.

Human/machine interface

Monitors and accessories

TFT monitors with screen diagonals from 15" to 19", some as touchscreen variants.

Human/machine interface


Interface flaps for the connection of various devices or data output without needing to open the enclosure