Accessories for the enclosure base offer flexible base configuration options and also support the transportation and stabilisation of enclosures. Levelling feet, castors and transport accessories, gland plates, system dividers, stabilisers and mounting components.


Levelling feet

Levelling feet are used to compensate for height differences in the case of floor irregularities. For different enclosure systems in a variety of materials and designs



For mobile use of enclosures, IT racks, console systems, industrial workstations and the open frame Data Rack


Base mount

Some TS IT network and server enclosures have an open base. If gland plates are inserted retrospectively, a base mount is required.


Gland plates

Gland plates with a range of functions: for cable entry in the width or depth, or for cooling


System divider for VX

Divides the enclosure width into two zones. For example, this allows mounting plates, cable clamp rails or swing frames from 600 mm wide enclosures to be fitted in 1200 mm wide enclosures.


Width divider

Width divider, divides 1200 mm wide TS and SE enclosures into two halves in the base assembly, to facilitate two different installations.


To avoid accumulation of water

Pressure relief stoppers or a condensate discharge prevent moisture and condensation inside the enclosure


Base frame, divided for server racks TS

Base frame, divided, for server racks TS for retro-fitting gland plates or base modules.