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Highlights at a glance

Protection for trouble-free operation under the harshest conditions

Robust outdoor enclosure meets smart climate control

The intelligent modular system comprising enclosure and climate control components offers you a multitude of choices for configuration of an individual outdoor solution.

A data centre solution to suit your application

Standardised. Adaptable. Available for you worldwide.

Looking for a talented, versatile, future-proof micro data centre that will grow along with your requirements? Our complete solution for your IT infrastructure is designed to meet current and future requirements.

Reducing the carbon footprint

Blue e+ S cooling units

The Rittal Blue e+ technology offers climate control solutions with the world’s highest energy efficiency. We have extended our product range to include the new “Blue e+ S” cooling units in the small output categories (300 – 1000 W) – with a new design...

Efficient process and equipment cooling

VX25 TopTherm chiller

VX25 TopThem chillers are compact in design yet have a wide range of cooling applications. They fit perfectly with all enclosures, have a minimum footprint, promise increased efficiency and are instantly available from stock.

Innovative climate control for data centre containers

Data centre container with Blue e+ outdoor cooling technology

The data centre container offers the optimal solution for an outdoor expansion of your IT infrastructure with space-saving, cost- and energy-efficient cooling.

Rittal ePOCKET

The digital wiring plan pocket

With the digital wiring plan pocket Rittal ePOCKET your equipment and system documentation is always up-to-date. What’s more, it can be accessed directly from any device, any time and anywhere.

Decision-making aid

How do I find the appropriate climate control solution?

Things to know when choosing the appropriate climate control method for you.

Innovative cooling in your rack system

Our rack-based cooling sets sustainability standards. Space-saving and efficient.

Lefdal Mine

Rittal and the Lefdal Mine Datacenter.

Rittal and the Lefdal Mine Datacenter. Solutions with depth.

TX CableNet

Raising cable management to a new level.

IT security

IT Security

Play it safe with security solutions for critical IT infrastructure.

Efficient liquid cooling

Rittal series chiller

More chilling isn't possible.

Outdoor series products

Outdoor climate

Function meets safety – never weather-beaten.

Charging infrastructure

Charging infrastructure you can rely on.


Because often, simple is best.

More products

Our system manual 36 as download or as printed version.

Wire processing

Length-cutting, stripping and crimping with Rittal Automation Systems.

Socket box

Socket box

The plug-in system.

Automated machining processes

From small enclosures to large control cabinets.

Bring on the future

The next generation of future-proofed IT infrastructures.


Best conditions for High Perfomance Computing.


“MEET THE EXPERT” – Webcasts

Modular solutions. Modular learning. Maximum success. Discover the next generation of future-proof IT infrastructure in our exclusive webcasts. Register for this unique opportunity today.

Refresh your industry knowledge

Topics include “North American codes & standards for enclosures”, “Design verification to IEC 61439” and “Short-circuit current rating for busbar systems” – and much more.

Refresh your IT knowledge

Our “VX IT” webinar introduces the new IT rack from Rittal: The solution for all network and server applications for maximum flexibility and individuality at all levels.


The world's fastest IT rack.


The latest PDU generation.


Digitalized and networked, ready for the future.