Compact enclosure AX Basic enclosure AX, sheet steel

Article number: AX 1181.000

The compact enclosure AX with integral enclosure locators in the roof, base and side forms the familiar 25 mm system pitch pattern from the VX25 large enclosure. With this unique, patented system, AX compact enclosures are prepared for all types of configurations and refits. System components and accessories are easily, quickly and securely installed and retrofitted on rails, with no drilling required.

Two-part gland plate with foam rubber cable clamp strip for AX

Base configuration rail for AX

Wall mounting bracket for AX sheet steel, KX sheet steel, AX IT, EL

Door stay for AX

Article number:
AX 1181.000
More interior installation options thanks to integral enclosure locators on a 25 mm system pitch pattern combined with the interior installation rail and our diverse range of system accessories
Maintains the protection category (UL approval) by mounting the interior installation rail with no drilling required.
Base configuration rail provides additional mounting level and increased load capacity
Simple planning and configuration with the Rittal RiPanel configurator
Enclosure: Sheet steel
Door: Sheet steel, all-round foamed-in PU seal
Surface finish
Enclosure and door: Dipcoat primed, powder-coated on the outside, textured paint
Mounting plate: Zinc-plated
RAL 7035
Supply includes
Enclosure with door(s)
Gland plate(s) in enclosure base
Mounting plate
Perforated door strip
Lock: 3 mm double-bit
Protection category NEMA
NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 12
Protection category to IEC 60 529
IP 66
Type rating to UL 50E
Type 1, 3R, 4, 12
IK Code
Width: 800 mm
Height: 1,000 mm
Depth: 400 mm
Material thickness - door
2 mm
Material thickness - enclosure
1.5 mm
Material thickness of mounting plate
2.5 mm
Dimensions mounting plate (W x H)
745 mm x 975 mm
Number of doors
Interchangeable door hinge
Number of locks
Lock version: Cam
Number of locks: 2
Lock insert: 3 mm double-bit
Gland plate
Size: 5
Qty.: 2
Basic material
Sheet steel
Packs of
1 pc(s).
59.5 kg
Customs tariff number
ETIM 7.0
Product description
AX Compact enclosure, WHD: 800x1000x400 mm, sheet steel, with mounting plate, single-door, with two cam locks
Bureau Veritas
Lloyds Register of Shipping
UL + C-UL (listed)
Declaration of conformity
Declaration of conformity UK
Manufacturer's declaration
Further information
Load brochure
Protective conductor brochure
Safety instructions
White Paper
Data sheets
Technical details
Enclosure (compact enclosure)

Enclosure with door:
Stable sheet steel construction
consisting of body folded from a single piece and welded,
with protection channel all-round door opening,
rear panel with eyelets for wall mounting bracket.
Enclosure base with sheet steel gland plate.
Door with foamed-in PU seal,
vertical perforated door strip on both sides,
with PE conductor connection,
screw-fastened hinges.
Right-hand hinge may be swapped to the left,
130° opening angle to VDI (may be retrofitted to 180°),
two cam locks with double-bit insert to DIN 43668.
Mounting plate: With machined keyholes for earthing,
with imprinted scale, attached with ring nuts.
QR code:
QR code printed on body, cover and rating plate
for clear identification and easy retrieval of relevant
product information and documentation,
and for clear traceability of the individual parts.
Accessories: Comfort handle, lock inserts,
wall mounting bracket,
plastic and metal gland plates,
modular cable entry, earth straps,
wiring plan pockets, door stay, viewing window,
operating panels, fan-and-filter units, heaters,
swing frame, protective roof, 180° hinge
Enclosure, door: Sheet steel
Mounting plate: Sheet steel, zinc-plated
Enclosure and door surface finish:
Triple surface treatment for optimum protection
against corrosion and resistance to mineral oils,
lubricants, machining emulsions and solvents:
Nanoceramic coating, electrophoretic dipcoat priming
Powder-coated on the outside in textured RAL 7035.
Protection category to IEC 60 529: IP 66
Protection category to UL 508A: Type 4
Dimensions (W x H x D): 800x1000x400 mm