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& programming

The user interface of a Perforex machining centre is an intuitive workshop programming system which supports remote maintenance.

The software is networkable, uses a central database, and may be used on an unlimited number of different PCs within the company.

This means that all programmed jobs are immediately available on the machine and can be reused.

Alternatively, almost any standard CAD and E-planning system can be used for programming.

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Pneumatic clamping device

Easy clamping of cases and enclosure panels such as doors, side panels and mounting plates, using clamping fingers and membrane clamps.


Perforex Performance Package

Performance package consisting of brush strips and special milling cutters for fast, low-vibration, noise-optimised milling. The use of brush strips in conjunction with the patented plate and optimised milling cutter achieves significant attenuation effects.

Other benefits include:


depth adjuster


Patented plate and
high-performance spindle

The patented plate reduces vibrations in the material, which in turn extends the service life of the tools.


Automated tool testing
and changing


Multi-part machining

The Perforex BC 2014 supports the parallel machining of multiple enclosure panels and cases. Additionally, cubic parts of up to WxHxD 1,600 x 1,600 x 1,600 mm may be clamped and machined.