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Innovative data centre architectures and services.

Power consumption is the deciding factor when it comes to the operating costs of large data centres. In recognition of that, Rittal offers OCP-based standardised solutions comprising server, storage and data centre that exhibit maximum efficiency and support scalable data processing. As a result, they cover a wide range of potential applications, from innovative edge data centres to hyperscale data centres.

Rittal OCP racks have been adapted for standardised Open Compute Project solutions and ensure users can make maximum use of the space available. Together with product innovations that lower power and cooling consumption, Rittal OCP racks make data centres compact and highly efficient.
Rittal offers a unique package for hyperscale solutions that meets the most exacting requirements in everything from location and infrastructure to fully comprehensive DCaaS. What’s more, that applies both to the physical footprint and the performance.
The Lefdal Mine Datacenter in Norway is a unique location for European data centres. Supplied with green electricity from hydropower, using fjord water for cooling, and with natural EMC protection, the Lefdal Mine Datacenter represents the perfect location for cost-effective, efficient and secure data centres in all sizes.

University of Kaiserslautern, Germany:

Challenge: Several high-performance servers in an exceptionally tight space require space-saving cooling units with an output of up to 250 kW.
Solution: Liquid Cooling Package (LCP) cooling systems from Rittal with 16 racks in two suites, with 5 LCPs per suite (n+1 redundancy).
Benefits: An efficient, space-saving solution that provides an uninterrupted supply of cold air to prevent hot spots.

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany:

Challenge: Develop a cooling solution that delivers maximum energy dissipation density in the racks, in a tight space and in a short space of time.
Solution: 15 TS 8 server racks and Liquid Cooling Package (LCP) cooling systems.
Benefits: A compact, energy-efficient solution that was implemented under difficult structural conditions in a very short space of time.
More than the sum of its parts.

ITaaS / DCaaS

More than ever, your company needs IT solutions that will enable you to react quickly and flexibly to new requirements.
Rittal and its partners delivers standardised ITaaS and DCaaS packages that can be rolled out rapidly to suit a vast range of requirements.The portfolio that Rittal and its partners offer stretches all the way to end-to-end DCaaS solutions that can be combined with our consulting expertise.
Holistic solutions such as these cover everything from concept development and implementation through to operation, service and analysis.
As a result, customers can deploy scalable, fast and flexible IT solutions that are customised to their specific requirements.

The Balanced Cloud Center (BCC) from Rittal and iNNOVO is a private cloud data centre with OpenStack cloud management software that can be supplied rapidly and scaled to requirements. Users can run it in-house or order it as a managed service. A pay-as-you-go model with a buy or lease option ensures maximum flexibility.
The wide range of standardised Data Centre Container solutions covers numerous potential applications. Server containers that house the active components and various power and cooling containers are available on a modular basis in numerous output ranges and sizes.
Virtual data centres that our partner iNNOVO can deploy as private clouds in the customer’s environment, thereby satisfying stringent security requirements.
Under the umbrella of Rittal’s BCC solution, Rittal and iNNOVO can provide the entire IT environment (ITaaS) and, what’s more, the complete data centre (DCaaS) as an end-to-end virtual service.

Modler, Germany:

Challenge: A new data centre solution that had to be rolled out rapidly and required very high output.
Solution: Installation of the RiMatrix S container. The IT hardware, including the management platform, was also taken care of by Rittal in collaboration with iNNOVO Cloud.
Benefits: A modular, turnkey, all-in-one solution. Besides saving time and money, it also freed up more space in the building thanks to the container solution that was employed.
If tomorrow starts today, how fast do you have to be?

Edge data centre for innovative IoT solutions.

Industry 4.0 is changing the world of production for ever. Huge volumes of data are being generated at a whole range of locations and all this information has to be processed quickly and safely on site. Together, Rittal and iNNOVO Cloud offer turnkey edge data centres with attractive services that can be configured on a modular, flexible basis. As a result, data can be processed and used where it is generated.
The end results are short latency times combined with high computing power and maximum security, all of which ensure that companies can always react quickly to incidents and deviations.

Turnkey Edge Datacenters from Rittal are located close to production and anywhere where large volumes of data need to be processed quickly.
Standardised data centre modules bring a whole range of benefits. Besides short delivery times, they also offer flexibility when it comes to siting, and that applies to everything from the physical structure to the security room and container.
Rittal, IBM and iNNOVO offer High Performance Computing (HPCaaS) solutions that feature a high energy density per rack, since a large number of servers is required to process the data. This optimises demanding application scenarios such as the rendering of complex 3D models.
Rittal offers a data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) platform for all components of the physical infrastructure – from power supply and distribution all the way through to cooling and the security system. Thanks to simple and rapid configuration, Rittal offers the ideal DCIM solution for data centres.

Manner, Austria:

Challenge: An IT infrastructure that ensures 100 percent availability and traceability of the production process.
Solution: Arranged in two rows facing each other, 14 Rittal TS IT racks form the cold aisle.
Benefits: A secure, energy-efficient solution that saves costs and is environmentally friendly.

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