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The SEER in 3 steps

Step 1: Previous calculation

  • Currently, energy efficiency for cooling units is usually given as EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio)
  • This value is calculated at a fixed ambient or hall temperature of 35°C
  • In reality, hall temperatures are usually well below 35°C, and fluctuate over the course of the year
  • For this reason, for a realistic calculation of energy efficiency, it is necessary to ascertain the seasonal variation in ambient temperatures

Step 2: Record temperature values

  • To create a temperature profile, firstly, comprehensive measurements were conducted in a range of factory halls across Germany
  • From these measurement points (more than 60,000 in total), interpolation is used to represent the temperature profile for Germany
  • From this profile, fluctuations in the seasonal pattern are readily ascertained

Step 3: International comparability

  • As a “global player”, Rittal has set itself the target of enabling customers around the world to calculate their own potential energy savings.
  • With this in mind, based on our findings, international temperature profiles have now been prepared as well
  • Consequently, calculations can be made ...
    • a) For every climate zone on the planet
    • b) For your specific production case
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