Register your cooling units to claim a special bonus package!

Are you looking to add an attractive bonus to the existing benefits of a cooling unit from Rittal? Then you are at exactly the right place.

Your bonus package at a glance*:

  • 6 months extended warranty
    Our standard 12 month warranty is extended to 18 months from date of purchase.
  • Service check (10 enclosure cooling units and more)
    If you have installed more than 10 units, we offer you a FREE check-up by our technicians for up to 20 of your units (inspection, detailed documentation of equipment data and condition)
  • Offer valid in Metro areas only, POA for non Metro areas.

Your benefits:

  • Increased energy efficiency at your production facility
  • Reduction of unplanned production stoppages and the associated costs
  • Possible savings in energy costs

If you have any questions please contact our Service Coordinator on

1800 676 169

New Zealand
0800 748 737

*Please note that this offer currently only applies to cooling units in Australia and New Zealand.
The bonus “Extended warranty” applies only to Rittal cooling units within the manufacturer warranty period.

Your details

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To enable us to activate your bonus package, we kindly ask you to enter the relevant details in the form below.
To be able to activate the bonuses, we first need the following information on your enclosure cooling units.

No time to enter the details separately for each cooling unit? In that case, you can simply upload a CSV file. Please ensure that your list contains the following information.

Please ensure that your list contains the following information:

  • Rittal cooling units: Serial and Model No.; as well as the date of manufacture of the enclosure cooling units
  • Other manufacturers (not Rittal): Serial and article number, date of manufacture, voltage, cooling capacity, as well as current rating of the enclosure cooling units


You are also welcome to use our template to help you enter the data on your unit. To do this, simply fill in the cells in the Excel file highlighted in grey. When saving, please select the “CSV” file type and upload the file via the box above.

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Details of your company / the location of the cooling units:

Company address must be in Australia or New Zealand

Who is the standard supplier/ Machine Supplier of your cooling units?

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Contact person:

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Data protection rules require that we ask for your consent before activating your bonus package. You may withdraw this consent at any time.

Your data will not be passed on the third parties.

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