1. Panel dimensions Please specify your predefined panel or individual width and height of the front panel according to the number of panels/front panels used  
Panel dimensions Installation depth Front design Connection Rear panel Keyb. hous.

Number of panels/front panels

Attention - verification is imperative

 Installation criteria and mounting kits
Our configuration proposals refer to the mechanical direct installation of panels. Manufacturer-specific installation criteria, such as space for air circulation of the panels must be taken into consideration by the customer.

Panel according to manufacturer's list   To fit panel/front panel   Supply includes aluminum front panel

Selection of predefined panels for panel/front panel 1

Width mmHeight mmDepth mm

Adaptor plate
Front panel
Mounting kit

The adaptor plate is an aluminium front panel with cutouts and drilled holes to mount operating panels, keys, emergency-off switches. For example: If an operating panel cannot be mounted directy in the enclosure (check of installation criteria), an adaptor plate (front panel with cut-out) must be taken that is at least 17 mm (attachment of plate) larger all-round than the operating panel).
Please specify size of cut-out and position as a comment in an attached file in the last step of the request for quotation.
Are there any further questions on the configurator? Our Infoline will support you.
Please contact your contact person for a configuration advice.