Product data – Efficient power distribution

Need a compact basic power distributor for your network and server racks with static load distribution? Familiar with your power consumption levels, and aware that they are on the low side?

Want to monitor your server rack's complete energy requirements, and identify and use available power reserves in a targeted manner?

You are not on site but would still like to selectively control and monitor the output slots to ensure availability in an emergency situation?

Need extensive power measurement and management functions to switch and monitor the power requirements of each individual output slot? Want detailed consumption analyses to reduce your power consumption in a targeted manner?

Want a modular, flexible PDU solution? Want to select individual socket modules to supply your components, or change them at a later date with the system operational?

Modular PDU solution

PDU configuration

PDU RiMatrix Next Generation

PDU international


PDU accessories

CMC III sensors (max. 4 sensors per PDU)

Allocation of fuses, phases, slots

PDU technical specifications