Infinite possibilities

The TS 8 section, tried and tested millions of times, is the standard platform for both system enclosure solutions: the reliable and bayable TS 8 enclosure system and the SE 8 system enclosure.
Its infinite possibilities mean exceptionally wide-ranging benefits for both ranges of enclosure:

One engineering solution for both platforms
Reduced planning costs – the same 3D data can be used.

One set of system accessories for both the TS 8 and the SE 8
Lower storage costs, easier ordering and a secure and simple system configuration.

Same climate platform – from the fan-and-filter unit to the chiller
Simpler ordering and assembly due to cross-platform common mounting dimensions and output categories. The TS 8 modular climate control concept can be used without any limitations.

Two-level approach
Effective use of space and greater interior installation options.


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