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TS 8 - time-saving planning

With RiCAD 3D, you have validated CAD data at your fingertips for professional design planning. Make use of the original CAD data of the Rittal components – irrespective of your particular CAD system. Even more efficient planning is possible with EPLAN Pro Panel, the leading software solution for project planning and 3D engineering.

  • CAD data can be imported into all typically used CAD systems
  • The use of validated data enables design drawings to be produced with optimum planning certainty
EPLAN Pro Panel:
  • Configuration of copper bars – including cutting to length, bending and connecting
  • Control interface to mechanical machining and cable preparation machines

TS 8 - Pro Panel

EPLAN Pro Panel is the software solution for project management and 3D assembly layout of enclosures. Consistent product data from the EPLAN Data Portal supports interdisciplinary engineering in electrical design and enclosure project management. The virtual 3D product data model provides all data needed to control NC production machines.

  • Planning aids for perfect dimensioning and space utilisation
  • Configuration of copper bars – including cutting to length, bending and connecting
  • Supply of documents for material logistics and manufacturing
  • Control interface to mechanical machining and cable preparation machines
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TS 8 - fast configuration

Ingeniously simple, fully symmetrical and patented worldwide – that is the recipe for the success of a design principle which has been sold more than 10 million times for use in all industries and applications. This concept forms the basis for the bayed enclosure system TS 8, which has set completely new standards in respect of interior configuration.
Simply locate and secure. A few seconds is all it takes to create additional mounting levels or to integrate components. Absolutely safe – guaranteed.

Roof plate Side panel Door Interior installation Cable entry

TS 8 - significant space savings

The 16-fold profile of the vertical sections is the key to an intelligent two-level concept which not only provides a second mounting level as standard, but also offers up to 15% more installation space in the enclosure!

  • Two symmetrical levels with identical pitch patterns in the width and depth
  • Two mounting levels already provided as standard for interior installations
  • Up to 15% better space utilisation due to consistent use of the outer mounting level
  • Consequently more space for further components, e.g. for efficient cable routing
  • Straightforward hole count enables almost blind orientation in the enclosure
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TS 8 - automatic potential equalisation

Potential equalisation for the gland plates, side panels, rear panel and roof is achieved automatically when the enclosure is assembled. That guarantees a conductive contact between the frame and all panel parts. Where there are no electrical devices mounted on the panel parts, it is possible to forego earth straps.

  • Saves the installation of up to seven earth straps
  • Simplifies assembly/disassembly of all panel parts
  • Enhances safety
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TS 8 - one-person assembly

Time is money, and labour is expensive. The purposefully conceived, platform-independent design enables fast and simple assembly by a single person. This means cost savings in daily work.

  • The door hinge can be switched to the other side with no mechanical modification
  • The depth of the mounting plate can be varied in steps of 25 mm by a single person thanks to its clip fastenings
  • The Rittal base/plinth system Flex-Block facilitates fast one-person assembly without tools
  • Punched sections are simply located in the required frame hole and screwed into place
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