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TS 8 - cable entry

Safe cable entry from all sides is the key to flexible interior configuration and enables simple adaptation of the TS 8 enclosure system to individual circumstances at the place of installation.
The modular systems provide for optimum cable management and offer a perfect solution for practically every application.

  • Maximum flexibility through possibilities for cable entry from all sides (roof, sides, base)
  • High degrees of protection are maintained
  • Convenient cable entry for large numbers of cables and large cross-sections
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TS 8 - baying

The symmetry of the enclosures, with identical dimension increments for both the width and depth, makes it possible – baying in all directions. Whether to the left or right, upwards or around corners, the TS 8 baying system offers infinite possibilities.

  • Maximum flexibility through possibilities for baying to all sides
  • Continuous mounting surface even with the mounting panel in its rearmost position
  • Optimum space utilisation through the mounting of cable ducts on the shared vertical sections of the bayed TS 8 enclosure
  • Stable baying connectors permit the transport of bayed enclosures
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TS 8 - over 100 variants available off the shelf

Availability from stock within 24 hours. That means flexibility in both planning and production, saves storage space and reduces tied-up capital.

  • 13 production facilities with almost 250,000 m2 production space worldwide
  • 58 subsidiaries
  • 9 sales and distribution centres in Germany
  • Around 90 warehouse facilities with more than 180,000 pallet locations and over 260,000 m2 storage space worldwide
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