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TS 8 - paint finish

The three-phase surface finish of the TS 8 baying system promises optimum corrosion protection and is resistant to mineral oils, lubricants, machining emulsions and solvents such as those used in cleaning. Rittal is the only enclosure manufacturer which offers paint quality similar to that of the automobile industry as standard. And this quality is also guaranteed by way of continuous process monitoring.

Maximum quality is achieved in three stages:
  • 1st phase: Nanoceramic primer
  • 2nd phase: Electrophoretic dipcoat-priming
  • 3rd phase: Textured powder-coating
Corrosion protection

TS 8 - series manufacturing

Rittal manufactures approx. 3,500 TS 8 enclosure systems every day. That is the equivalent of around 60 truckloads and comparable to the production output of the VW Golf in Wolfsburg. These impressive numbers represent the basis for essential characteristic benefits.

  • Constant quality thanks to an automated manufacturing process
  • Practically unrestricted availability of series products
  • Immediate delivery – over 100 variants can be supplied from stock within 24 hours

TS 8 - tested quality

This stands for consistent quality management and on-going refinements to products, services and internal processes. All processes are continuously refined by quality control groups, and reviewed during in-house audits. Each year, our improvements and high standards are verified by countless successful external audits.

Accredited Rittal test laboratory for:
  • Simulation of climatic conditions
  • Dynamic and static load tests
  • 3D measurement
  • Testing of IP protection categories and NEMA type ratings
  • Salt spray tests
  • Electrical safety and function tests
  • Performance testing of cooling units and heat exchangers
  • Material tests
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