Klimatizacijska rješenja „Blue e“

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Više o "Blue e" rješenju

    • Hlađenje s okolnim zrakom Ambient air cooling units are ideal for dissipating heat loads exceptionally cost-effectively. Condition: The ambient air must be relatively clean and at temperatures below the required enclosure internal temperature. Hlađenje s okolnim zrakom
    • Rashladni uređaji Cooling units keep the enclosure internal temperature at a constant level, which is independent of the ambient temperature. The air routing meets individual requirements. Two separate circuits prevent the ingress of dust into the enclosure. Rashladni uređaji
    • Hlađenje tekućinom Efficient liquid cooling may be used in all situations where a high cooling load is required, such as process and machine cooling or when dissipating heat loss from enclosures via air/water heat exchangers. Hlađenje tekućinom
    • IT-hlađenje tekućinom Climate control concepts from Rittal cover the full spectrum of applications, from cooling a single rack through to entire data centres. Safety and efficiency are our priorities. IT-hlađenje tekućinom
    • Grijanje rasklopnih ormara Heaters ensure that the right thermal output is always available to prevent condensation, particularly with outdoor siting. Grijanje rasklopnih ormara
    • Vanjska klimatizacija Function meets safety – never weather-beaten. Our outdoor climate control solutions are ideally suited for outdoor use. Fan-and-filter units with hose-proof hoods, heaters and Blue e+ chillers with the corresponding "Outdoor" option may now be used in addition to our exceptionally energy-efficient cooling units. Vanjska klimatizacija
    • Pribor za klimatizaciju Perfectly coordinated components allow you to customise the climate control to your specific requirements. The efficiency and reliability of climate control components can be additionally enhanced with monitoring, control and individual air routing. Pribor za klimatizaciju