Vođenje kabela

  • Limovi za uvođenje kabela
    Limovi za uvođenje kabela

    May be used in exchange for segments of the standard three-piece gland plates, allowing it to be positioned to fit the mounting plate.


  • Valjci za provođenje utikača
    Valjci za provođenje utikača

    Suitable for cable diameters from 8 to 36 mm.


  • Valjci za uvođenje kabela
    Valjci za uvođenje kabela

    Za jednostavno i brzo brtvljenje kabela koje valja uvesti u područje dna ormara.


  • Vijčani spojevi kabela
    Vijčani spojevi kabela

    Cable glands in the materials polyamide, brass or stainless steel. High-quality protection (IP 68 or IP 69K) for applications in the food industry or in clean rooms can be achieved with the HD cable gland.


  • Vođenje i sabiranje kabela
    Vođenje i sabiranje kabela

    Various options are available for cable clamping and are used identically both inside the enclosure and in the base/plinth. By relocating cable clamping into the base/plinth area, more mounting space remains inside the enclosure, rather than being lost to allow for bending radii.


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